Day 42-45: Girls in White Dresses

When I was preparing to get married a little less than a year ago, I had it all pinned out. Theme, colors, venue, lighting, decorations, cake, music, invites, the works. The only thing I hadn't prepared for was the dress.

I am a Mormon, which means there are certain guidelines when it comes to modesty. To boil it down, I needed a dress with sleeves. Growing up, I saw exactly what I had to look forward to. I think all you BYU ladies know just what I'm talking about: A-line, cap sleeves, and a square neck. (Cue feeling of foreboding and disgust)

And it's not that the girls that wore this dress (AKA every Mormon bride from 1999-2010) weren't fashionable, it's that there was NO other option available. And that is when this lovely lady took the scene:

Let us all have a moment of silence for Kate Middleton. Kate, thank you for bringing the sleeves back to matrimony. Amen.

Okay so the royal wedding happened and designers went bonkers for the sleeve thing. Hallelujah! But even then, I had to scour Utah Valley for the right one for me. Eleven wedding appointments later, there was one that I couldn't stop thinking about. And, per Brielle fashion, it just so happened to be the most expensive one.

Normally I would just play the, "Mom, I never knew I could feel so beautiful" card. But I just wasn't comfortable asking for something so outrageous. I battled with it for weeks.

(Yes, I forgot to draw clothes.)

And then I just did it. YOLO. And it was worth it:

The only caveat I made with myself is that I 100%, no questions asked, HAD to sell it after the wedding. I'm not too sentimental to begin with so I didn't really think too much of it. I saw no point in keeping a 30+ pound dress in my closet for the next 40 years, only to have my future children laugh at me when I suggest they try it on. No thank you. So I put it on KSL. And Wedding sites. And Ebay. And Craigslist.

For months I got hits here and there, but something would always fall through. Finally, I got a solid hit. Relief! Someone I knew and who really loved the dress. I got the packing material, tried it on one last time for the husband (totally for me), and taped it up. No problem.

But then I got to the Post Office

(Yes, it looks like I showed up to the post office naked too.)

As unfeeling as I had though I was, I was a little (lot) heart-broken to see it go.

So cheers to you perfect dress, treat your new bride well! You were, in the words of my sweet husband, "magical."


  1. Does this mean we get our money back?

    1. HAHAHA I knew I should of blocked you from this post! How about I use it on a weekend trip to see you???

    2. :), that'll do...
      Maybe you could fly out to VA when we go in August...do you think you could get a house sitter?

    3. I think we could! We are getting a bit restless!

  2. I sold my wedding dress on KSL too. I figure I have 1000's of pictures of it, but I too was a little bit sad to see it go. No regrets though.

  3. loveeee that dress. and this post. and you.
    absolute perfection.

  4. This is Brant.

    Love your post. Love Mom's question. Love the resolution even more! Hope to see you in August!

  5. What y'all need to do is come see your Arkansas family!! ;P... I need my bro in my life!! Lol... Love y'all!!