Let's talk about chocolate.
I love chocolate. Love.
If I could choose between a new car and a life supply of Lindt Chocolate bars... I would probably choose the car but I would definitely stop and think about it.

But there's a problem. If I ate as much chocolate as I wanted to, this would be my life:

So, I have devised subtle ways to scratch the itch without totally going over board. Recognize this beautiful thing?
Yeah, say hello to 850 calories. You practically have to run a half marathon to cancel that out! Thankfully, You can have the EXACT same taste for just 150 calories!
These are delicious, easy and cheap. All you do is melt a handful of choco chips, dip your orange slices, sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt, pop in the freezer for 5 minutes and VOILA! The perfect chocolate treat!

If you are one of those awful people who are skinny no matter what you eat, or (like me) can be persuaded not to care about the calorie count if it looks yummy enough, I also recommend these:
Recipe found here.


Never Do Things With Your Eyes Closed

Q: Why do parents keep sexy time things in the nightstand?

A. Easy access
B. Hide them from children
C. So they don't confuse lube for their hair serum and rub it into their newly washed hair.

Correct answer?
C guys. It's C.


$20 Office Makeover

After the first week of work, I've decided I need to make my desk more personalized. The room I'm in is already bright with natural light and has a fun orange wall, but my desk is a little stark compared to my neighbors.

On a budget of $20 this is what I came up with.
Some wall quotes. These are the easiest things in the entire world and super cheap, each one of these cost $1 to make. You don't even have to have good handwriting. Just pick a quote and loop your letters to fill the space. (Also for all you walking spell checkers, I realize I'm missing an apostrophe, I added it after the picture.)
An initial and a clip board for my daily to do list. Again, the hardest thing about this is waiting for the modgepodge to dry. These cost about $1.50 a piece.
Some picture frames.
And of course, I use bunting for everything. It's an easy way to fill a huge space for the price of paper and string. I got this paper from Hoblob, and it's the best pack I've ever bought! I spent $15 for the pack, and still have 40+ sheets to use and expand on what I've done so far.

Also, I found this card while I was looking for supplies.
"If I could hug you with eight arms without totally freaking you out... I would."


First Day

First day at the new job!
Outfit courtesy of Mrs. Cindy Ellsworth (Yes my mom still picks out my clothes for my first day)

I am officially a jewelry designer! Work started with a bang, we need to present our our ideas for Fall Market on Wednesday! I spent the day researching trends and styles. Get this... they ENCOURAGE using Pinterest during work!!! WHAT??!? Did I stumble upon the best job ever?

Oh and apparently my deepest level of concentration comes when I'm fixing my hair for a picture:

Remember that one time we spent New Years Eve at Glen Beck's house? I can't post the pictures from our tour, but I can post pictures that resemble what I saw:
Well, not quite Beauty and the Beast library, but they did have a sliding ladder... so pretty much.

There was also a buffalo on the wall behind us. Which kind of looks like Beast. (All you can see is his Santa hat, but I promise, it's a buffalo.)
And at the end, I got to kiss my prince.
In conclusion, my life is like a Disney movie. Except my candle stick has never had inappropriate relations with the feather duster.



Listen to this:

"I see that I am a little piece of a big, big universe, and that makes it right."
- Hushpuppy, Beasts of the Southern Wild

New Years Resolutions:

1. Stick to the 7 day carb cycle.
So I did two things that made me want to actually change my eating habits forever. I watched this movie (available on Netflix)
And I read this book
Directly after doing that, I walked over to my kitchen, threw most everything out, and started fresh. Since, I haven't eaten or had the desire to eat/drink fast food, soda, candy, baked goods, ice cream, pizza etc. If you are looking for eating habits that are manageable and don't leave you hungry, cranky, and hating the world, I seriously recommend at least reading the book.

2. Learn and establish budgeting habits.
I spend money on all the wrong things. AKA going to the movie theaters twice a week instead of buying the furniture we desperately need! (Breck's dresser is a large suitcase.) I ordered this book and I'm hoping I can make over my money spending habits.

3. Set aside at least 10 minutes a day of scripture reading or writing in a journal.
How embarrassing is it that I still stink at doing this?

4. Each month participate in a random act of kindness.
I'm excited for this one! If you haven't read about the 35th Birthday experiment, It will definitely put you in a good mood. Read it here.

5. Read one educational book a month.
This month is
So far it's really, really boring. Just give me The Hunger Games or something!!!