Day 46: Paranormal Activity

It happened. We were contacted by the other side. Kind of.

Last night we were watching the Spurs, when I had a little after dinner craving. I slipped over to the kitchen to cut myself a slice of the Blueberry Lemon Sparkle I made for Memorial Day. I had just placed the cake pan on the surface by the stove when my senses where overcome with a very powerful cologne smell. The scent was musky and thick, the exact opposite of the citrus pie that I was cutting into. I looked around for a source, but to no avail. I was about to ask Breck if he knew what was going on, but just then I heard my phone buzz. I grabbed my phone (and my dessert) and retired back to the couch without saying anything.

It wasn't five minutes later that I heard Breck start to take deep breaths.
"Are you wearing a new perfume?" He asked, looking over at me.
"No..." I replied warily, "Do you smell some?"
"Yeah, it's really strong," he continued to look around for the source, even grabbing my wrist to make sure. "It smells like grandma perfume."

Immediately spooked, I told him about the mysterious cologne in the kitchen. He just laughed at me, "Come on! What? Do you think we are being haunted by a couple of spirits, lovers in a past life who are reuniting in our living room??"

Then, across the room, the door to our bedroom slammed shut.

Yes dear, that is EXACTLY what I think. I was behind him in an instant, pushing him to go confront the spirits that he had obviously just offended.

He steeled himself and walked forward, the floor boards creaking ominously as he approached the door. He slowly reached towards the knob, then stopped. Without warning he turned, an eery grin spreading across his face. "I can feel it now." he said tonelessly.
"Feel what??" I asked, not certain I wanted to know the answer...

"The AC just turned on, it must of pushed the door shut." (Cue huge sigh of relief that my husband wasn't possessed.)

With further inspection we discovered that the strong cologne scent disseminated when I squeezed the cake pan down on Breck's new tube of face lotion. (He wasn't too happy about that.)

The perfume was caused by my phone. Last weekend I was trying on different perfumes. The few I liked, I sprayed on sampler paper and put in my purse for safe keeping. When I heard my phone buzz, I had taken it from its spot in my purse, pressed against those samples, and put it right under Breck's nose.

What are the chances?

In other news... HAVE YOU SEEN THIS YET???
If that doesnt sell you, look at the cast here. I LOVE the story of Les Miserables. Breck and I actually saw the musical at the start of the year

My only suggestion is to BUY the soundtrack TODAY. Memorize the music. You will do it eventually so you might as well get started. They should give the movie all of the next years Oscars... today.


Day 42-45: Girls in White Dresses

When I was preparing to get married a little less than a year ago, I had it all pinned out. Theme, colors, venue, lighting, decorations, cake, music, invites, the works. The only thing I hadn't prepared for was the dress.

I am a Mormon, which means there are certain guidelines when it comes to modesty. To boil it down, I needed a dress with sleeves. Growing up, I saw exactly what I had to look forward to. I think all you BYU ladies know just what I'm talking about: A-line, cap sleeves, and a square neck. (Cue feeling of foreboding and disgust)

And it's not that the girls that wore this dress (AKA every Mormon bride from 1999-2010) weren't fashionable, it's that there was NO other option available. And that is when this lovely lady took the scene:

Let us all have a moment of silence for Kate Middleton. Kate, thank you for bringing the sleeves back to matrimony. Amen.

Okay so the royal wedding happened and designers went bonkers for the sleeve thing. Hallelujah! But even then, I had to scour Utah Valley for the right one for me. Eleven wedding appointments later, there was one that I couldn't stop thinking about. And, per Brielle fashion, it just so happened to be the most expensive one.

Normally I would just play the, "Mom, I never knew I could feel so beautiful" card. But I just wasn't comfortable asking for something so outrageous. I battled with it for weeks.

(Yes, I forgot to draw clothes.)

And then I just did it. YOLO. And it was worth it:

The only caveat I made with myself is that I 100%, no questions asked, HAD to sell it after the wedding. I'm not too sentimental to begin with so I didn't really think too much of it. I saw no point in keeping a 30+ pound dress in my closet for the next 40 years, only to have my future children laugh at me when I suggest they try it on. No thank you. So I put it on KSL. And Wedding sites. And Ebay. And Craigslist.

For months I got hits here and there, but something would always fall through. Finally, I got a solid hit. Relief! Someone I knew and who really loved the dress. I got the packing material, tried it on one last time for the husband (totally for me), and taped it up. No problem.

But then I got to the Post Office

(Yes, it looks like I showed up to the post office naked too.)

As unfeeling as I had though I was, I was a little (lot) heart-broken to see it go.

So cheers to you perfect dress, treat your new bride well! You were, in the words of my sweet husband, "magical."


Days 39-41: Beards

As we have been watching the NBA playoffs, I've noticed that my animosity tends to be directed towards players with beards:

As I realized this trend was developing, I questioned myself. Why did those dangly beards upset me so? What about them made my skin tingle?

Answer? Disney.

According to Disney, beards = villains. And parents wonder why their kids are terrified of Santa.


Day 32-38: Autocorrect

Most everyone has had a run in with their autocorrect system. If you haven't, here are some of my favorite incidences so you can appreciate how truly hilarious it can be:

If you are a responsible adult like me, you are usually texting while driving or under your desk at work, so a few mistakes here and there are understandable. But lately, I've felt like my speech has an autocorrect filter.

Yesterday was a great example. I was at work, speaking to a tech rep from one of our schools. It's often hard to decipher letters over the phone so I was trying to clearly spell out a username, "Yes, that's E-as in Elephant, L- as in Lion, P- as in Papilloma"


Why on earth was I thinking of the genital warts disease? (Not for the obvious reason I assure you.) I was on the animal track, why couldn't I of said Penguin or Puma or Panda? I'm sure if I was given the ink blot test I would be deemed psychologically insane because the strangest words pop into my head.

Now that I think about it, I've secretly always wanted to take one of those tests. I wonder if they have them on the internet... let me ask Google.

Yep! Try it for yourself at theinkblot.com, www.inkblottest.com, or www.youtube.com/watch?v=76UXSdUVuLk.


Day 27-31: Yer A Wizard

Did I mention that I have to be home all the time? So when ABC Family announced they would be hosting a Harry Potter Marathon weekend I was down like a frown.

A very important thing to know about me is my rampant obsession with HP. Like many of you, my love began at a very young age. Unlike many of you, I truly believed Harry was real. And that he was my boyfriend. I remember after a really rough break-up in 4th grade, I claimed I had "rebounded" with Harry behind the big oak at recess. I was a very mature child.

But really, I'm one of the groupies. I take pictures with HP paraphernalia that doesn't belong to me:

And these things like this make me giggle for days:

I am psyched about JK's new book, The Casual Vacancy! For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, it will be an adult novel about a town at war blah, blah, blah. It doesn't have a book cover yet so I took the liberty to create one.

That's just about all she needs for record breaking sales.

I've been catching up on all my other reading and just finished Steig Larson's trilogy. It's a thrilling set of stories, but I'll be the first to admit that it's a R-rated read, so be wary! One of my favorite lines comes when a girl is kidnaped by a giant of a man. All her resistance proves futile until she remembers: " Men could be as big as a house and made of granite, but they all had balls in the same place."

Anyways, I'm running low on books so does anyone have recommendations? I like all kinds of books, but I prefer the good ones.


Day 26: Groceries

I've always been more of a cardio girl, but as of late I've tried incorporate more weights into the workout. However I'm kind of a wimp.

It's that bad. I can't open tight bottle caps, unlock rusty doors, and my mom was the one that helped Breck move the big stuff up the stairs to the apartment.


When it comes to bringing the groceries in, I'm like


Day 20-25: Los Spurs

If you didn't see on my Facebook this week:

The only reason I bring it up is because of the response:

Apparently my friends hate Comic Sans more than most people like engagement announcements. Obviously I've picked very good friends.

So the Clippers play my Spurs tonight in Game 1, Round 2 of the NBA finals.
Unlike a lot of people, I'm pretty happy that the Clippers were the team to advance because:

1. Breck is a huge Memphis Grizzly fan. If my Spurs played his Grizz in the second round, our lives would be something like this for the next week:

But now we can be like this:

(Enjoy how my drawings get sloppier with every post?)

2. Chris Paul looks exactly like Carlton from Fresh Prince, that right there is some solid side entertainment.

3. Everyone accuses the Spurs of being floppers, which in some cases is true, but next to the Clippers we are going to look like the manliest team in the NBA.

4. Blake Griffin is the ugliest man I've ever seen, and I can't wait for Pop and the boys to grind his face into the court. It will be an improvement.
Seriously, he looks like Shawn White and Tracy Morgan had a child.

I'll go ahead and throw in a picture of Timmy to make you feel better.


Day 17-19: Hodge Podge

Last night we got a call. At 2:49 in the freaking morning.


Normally I would be okay with it. That's because normally the person would be calling to let us know someone died and I'd be able to think to myself, "It could be worse, you could be dead."
But last night, it was a lady asking about the Mortuary address. Who decides that 2:49AM is a a good time to call for directions??? And more importantly, who hasn't heard about Google maps yet?

I'll pretend it's someone as lovable as these two...


It's Mom's day weekend! Sadly, mi madre is all the way in Texas and I wont be able to give her all the hugs and kisses she deserves this Sunday. So to make her feel a little closer, I am making her recipes all weekend! Tonight I had one of my favorite comfort foods, Jambalaya. To her credit (I was on the phone with her the entire time) it turned out pretty dang delicious:

And of course we needed some O-Henry bars

Today, I admit, I am hallway girl.

In other news I have a pretty neat website for all you Pinterest people. Check out this blog http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/. This chick is nuts creative.

She teaches you how to make crafts:

and party treats:

Dress pretty:

and organize your trendy home:

In short, I have a total girl crush on her and you should too!

Entertainment: 4 dimples
Usefulness: 9 dimples
User Friendly: 7 dimples


Day 16: Fakeover

Since moving into this apartment, my time allotment for aimless internet surfing has sky rocketed.

So as I find awesome internet sites, I'll pass them on to you. For my first entry, let me introduce http://www.ivillage.com/virtual-makeover# It's like an interactive Princess Diaries. It lets you do things like this...

And then there is a "One-click" button that let's you steal the looks of celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Zoe DeChanel. The result is a bit frightening.


Entertainment: 8 dimples
Usefulness: 5 dimples
User Friendly: 7 dimples
Allow 45 minutes for full enjoyment.