Are y'all addicted to Buzzfeed.com yet?? I check it more than I check Fbook. And they always have the latest on my biggest girl crush, JLaw:
That dress! Could someone be more perfect???
No. No one.

*Spoiler Alert!*
Also, so sad about my other girl crush AshLee getting sent home on The B last night!!! I loved her reaction though because it's exactly how I would react. "Oh you don't want this? You crazy, I'm leaving."
My money is on Catherine now. Lindsay looks like she's got some serious crazy potential.

Who does this??

Alright, alright. we need to talk. There are going to be a lot of words and not a lot of pictures and I know that's totally not blog code. But this is serious. Pay attention.

Last week I was feeling pretty nasty. I was going to bed at 9:30 everyday and still waking up exhausted. Breck would try to get me to go out with him (he even used ice cream incentive!) but I could NOT muster the energy to leave the house after work. Plus, looking in the mirror was like torture! My skin was ghastly white and I'm having weird acne problems, my eyes looked dull, and my hair looked like 4-day old dish water.

My visiting teachers (ladies from church) were over and they totally noticed. They were pretty much like, "Brielle, you look like a pile of poo and you need to get some sun." I laughed it off but they were 100% positive I was having a serious case of seasonal depression.

Now, if you are imagining my visiting teachers as being frumpy ladies with relief society arms and bad mom hair cuts, WRONG. One is the biggest MILF I've ever seen in my life. She is this South African babe who teaches boot camp at Lifetime Gym and looks like she is 21 even though she has a 17 year old. The other is this super successful genius lady who makes Bill Gates look like he still lives in his moms basement. So when these ladies give you some advice, you treat it like one of the ten commandments.

They told me I needed to be taking vitamins to offset the obvious lack I was experiencing. At first I was like... hellllllloooo, I'm 22 and healthy! Vitamins are for old ladies who are worried about disintegrating. Wrong!!!! Even if your not experiencing seasonal depression, you NEED those vitamins ladies! Especially things like Iron (for your blood loss problem) and Folic Acid (if you want healthy babies in the future).

So they game me some suggestions and I went and got a Multivitamin and a few specialty things and I CANNOT believe the turnaround! Either it's a Jedi mind trick or, more likely, the science behind this stuff works! After 3 days of pills:
1. My skin cleared up COMPLETELY.
2. My hair is shinier.
3. I have WAY more energy. Instead of falling asleep at 9 last night, I was at the gym!
4. I'm in a much better mood!

I got 200 tablets for $16 at Target.

Also, do your visiting teaching. It saves lives.


Game Night

I am one of the very worst people in the world to invite to game night.

I really don't try to be. In fact, I do little pep talks before I go, trying to remind myself that it's just a game. Yeah... nice try.

The night starts off fine, it's just good to be with friends right?

And then someone will crack open a board, shuffle cards, or roll the dice, and suddenly:

Game on.

I can hold back at first and be a team player:

But, inevitably...

No one really knows how to react:

So Breck will lean over and whisper that I should think about calming down. But I'm just like:

Really, I'm awful. And I'm not even a good sport about the outcome! If I win it's always:

And well... if I lose...

But hey, if you don't like the quality entertainment of watching a person completely losing their mind for he sake of the game:

In other news, someone suggested the book The Selection and I totally have to pass it on!
Thirty-six girls are chosen from a caste system society to date the prince. It's The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor! So yeah, a complete guilty pleasure but really fun. And an easy read... as in I bought it last night and can already tell you that I loved it!



Our first Valentines Day, Breck had a bit of a screw up. As in, he forgot.
Now that wouldn't of been so bad... if I was not a complete fanatic about blowing holidays out of proportion and using them as an excuse to rain down presents. So, he had a giant package full of new basketball shoes, sweet notes and treats. And I had diddly squat.

AND since we were long distance, he couldn't even scramble. 100% caught with his pants down, screwed.

It was painful, but since, I have realized how awesome that mishap was. For the rest of my life, I never have to worry about him forgetting a holiday again. In fact, he usually goes the extra mile to try to erase that from my memory. (Keep trying babe! More Godiva!)

Silver linings people.

Funny story:

After dinner we stopped at a Walgreen to grab a Redbox. We were deliberating when my bladder remembered the 3 glasses I had just downed, so I ran inside to use the ladies room. When I finished, I was exiting the store when I heard Breck's whistle from over by the register. The automatic door had already shut so I waited a second for it to open and then went back in and walked over to him. While I grabbed his waist, I looked over and saw the cashier man looking at Breck with eyes as big as plates. A look of realization came over him and he said, "Oh! I thought you just whistled at some girl and she came all the way back over here and I was like, 'DAMN SON! Teach me that!'"

This Feb. 14th was spectacular! Thanks for all those who made sure we felt the love!

And my favorite valentine:


Happy Joy 3

Every time I say/hear the word "happiness", this scene comes to mind:
Comedic gold brought to you by the Beverly Hillbillies.

Things I am happy about:

1. My best friend Kirstin recommended we watch House of Cards (Netflix original series) and I am so happy she did! We watched the first episode last night and ended up dragging our mattress to the living room and watching 3 more hours of it. Right now I am not-so-patiently waiting for Breck to get home so we can continue binging.

2. Our dryer broke a few months ago and we have been enduring trips to the laundromat. Or... Breck has. (He washes, I fold. Go team!) We finally caved and bought one, and it is beauty in appliance form.
Granted, it looks like we gave our laundry room half a boob job... but oh, it is love.

3. I probably listen to 3 audio books a week (BEST way to stay happy at work and in traffic!) But the process to get them all on my iPod is such a drag! Bing, bang MIRACLE - my library just started offering Playaway, which is an iPod sized audio book that you can take anywhere you go.

4. I was head hunted this week! What the what? I didn't take the job because #1 I love what I'm doing now and #2 I really love what I'm doing now, but come on, it's always nice to be wanted!

5. Have I ever mentioned we are Grade A window shoppers? We have scoured the racks of most malls in our area but just yesterday we made it to the Galleria here in Dallas. HOLY WOW.
Yeah... that's four floors with an ice skating rink in the middle. It. Is. Paradise. We spent 2 hours there and didn't make it to the second floor! It made us:
Also, how cool is this??

Thing I am mad about:

1. I am allergic to my apartment. I swear, I've never even had allergies before this week! Now, my make-up is cried/rubbed off within 10 minutes of walking in the door and I CAN'T STOP SNEEZING. HOW DO I FIX THIS???