Favorite Things: Stores

It has been a great Thanksgiving! I'll post about our fun-filled trip to San Antonio next time, but first I'm celebrating Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday with a list of my top 5 favorite stores!

1. Barnes and Noble. There is something so comforting about walking into a Barnes and Noble. Great memories of Italian sodas and shortbread and hours and hours of exploring shelves of adventures.

2. Hobby Lobby. The great catalyst for creativity! It's so cool to think about what can be done with the material in that store.

3. Anthropologie. Sure, the clothes are crazy over priced, but this place is just BEAUTIFUL. I go in just to admire the displays. And the home section is fool proof.

4. Primark. One day Primark will come to America and all will be right in the world. H&M clothes at Thrift Store prices... one day.

5. Restoration Hardware. Hard to explain how perfect this place is. You wish they would lock you in at night just so you can pretend you live there. So much lust for their furniture.
Really though, let me live there.


Favorite Things: Books

Last night was the Oprah's Favorite Things show. It was...
I'm no Oprah, but I LOVE giving gifts. This year I am doing all homemade gifts because:
1. I am dirt poor
2. I think it's easier to find the right gift!
I'll have a really neat post after Christmas to show you each one, but for now it'll stay a surprise.

Until then I am in a favorite things kick! For the next month I'll be doing lists of all my favorite things! I'll start with an easy one...

1. Harry Potter Series. Duh.
2. Ready Player One. I picked this one up at the library because I liked the cover art. Best decision. It's set in the future where the world is in shambles, resources are scarce, the economy is broken, and people live in trailers stacked on top of each other. The only escape is into a virtual reality called OASIS. But even that can cost. The ONLY glimmer of hope is a complicated quest set up by the creator of OASIS, but it's been years since the quest started, and no one has even found the first clue. Haha how dorky to I seem? If you liked Ender's Game I think you'd love this one!
3. Watership Down. This is one of my go to reads, but again, it sounds a little crazy. Think LOTR with rabbits. I realize how strange that sounds. But it's so good!
4. Les Miserables. Classic! If you don't have time for the book, go see the movie! (But you should really read the book too.)
5. Graceling trilogy. This is one of my guilty pleasure reads. If you liked Hunger games, I think you'll like this too. Strong female lead, love story, battles, fight against a overarching evil... can't go wrong!
Let me know if you pick one of these up!


Roadtrip Recap

Breck and I road tripped up to Arkansas this weekend for some family fun! We listened to Harry Potter the whole time, I don't think I can explain how happy I get when Breck laughs appreciatively at the wonderful wit of Ms. Rowling. My heart explodes into thousands of freed house elves. (The sort that like being freed.)
Geeking out.

Alright so Arkansas was a blast. The first night we went to see Wreck it Ralph with Breck's little sister. It filled us with all sorts of "honeyglow"! Seriously, it's adorable and hilarious and the Disney short at the beginning is precious. Go see it or you're a total glitch.

The next morning we were up bright and early for the The Color Run. It's kind of like Hare Krishna, but you have to run 3 miles to get to the party. We "ran" the race with our good friends Karl & Angela who put up with my strange tendency to sprint away like a maniac whenever people started to crowd. (That's what happens when a fun day at your Grandpa's ranch turned into a run of death run when the cows stampeded. Running in crowds tends to make you anxious.)

Later that night, we went to the reception of the girl who bought my wedding dress! It was a beautiful affair and it was really just the greatest thing to see the dress be apart of another special day! Janeen looked stunning and I was so pumped to finally meet her face to face!

Seeing family is so refreshing, and makes me so grateful that we live close enough to have weekend trips!

And, as promised here is a link to check out the shoes I painted this past month. I'm redoing my website, so please excuse the rest of the pages!



Election Day

So if you hadn't figured it out yet, Breck and I voted for Obama. Calm down. It's okay. I realize 99% of the people I know disagree with me, but you know, welcome to democracy.

There are two things I wish everyone would think about as today comes to and end:
1. How will you react if the candidate you voted for doesn't win? I hope you decide not to be bitter and hateful. The biggest tragedy that can happen tonight is if America turns on itself and decides to hate it's other half for the next 4 years. Let's work towards compromise.
2. The candidate who wins, has not really won until they make a difference. So try to refrain from gloating until we see some real results.

Okay that's it. Go America!
Oh and I finished my first round of shoes! Detailed pics later!