Happy Joy 5

Today I am thrilled about:

1. My dad was making fun of me for a selfie I posted on Instagram yesterday (#shame)... but I was quick enough to get a screen shot of his impression!

2. We went to an AWESOME Halloween party this weekend. Our host just posted about it and you need to check it out here! 

Oh, you're thinking about passing up that link? Don't you dare. It was serious business. I walked into the guest bathroom... and the tub was full of blood and body parts. 

This it the first year since high school that I've put effort into my costume and I was pretty happy with the turn out! Breck went as a birthday boy and I was "a piece of cake."

Best part? My costume cost less than $10! Just foam board, streamers and some ribbon to pull it together! 

3. Allegiant came out! And Ender's Game is coming out in less than a month! And JK Rowling is working on an addition to the Harry Potter franchise! And SURVIVOR IS SO AWESOME THIS SEASON! Pretty much I am fan girling about everything all the time.

4. Breck sent me this text:
Women: Get yourself a good man.
Men: Send this type of thing to your to your woman. Because after I was done treating myself, I was so happy with him I went and him some shoes I know he's had his eye on. Win win.

P.S. That Barnes and Noble suggestions? Swoon... he knows me so well!

5. It's FALL! Which mean's CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Have you noticed I'm getting excited?

Are you ready for this???
The Christmas music is coming... and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!