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Comments: Disturbing, thrilling, Gillian Flynn. What else needs to be said?  

Comments: Not the biggest fan of this series as a whole, but I think it's just a taste thing. The characters and writing are both solid, and I think the final book does the plot justice. 

Comments: Worst book ever!!! Do not be deceived by gorgeous pink cover! 

Comments: Perfect little nugget for a vacation or holiday read! 


Comments: Twilight for adults. Pretty good writing though. 

Comments: I want to like this book so badly. I think this book is a victim of a great plot with not enough character development.  (I read the rest of the series and ended up really liking it! Major crush on The Darkling.)

Comments: Slow but intriguing. A well written march to a glowing end. I guessed the big twist but didn't see a few of the smaller ones so the pay off was still really great. 

Comments: Fun read, similar to Defy by Sara Larson, but I like this one better. 
EDIT: Read the 2nd and 3rd book and must urge you to pick this one up! The first book is average, but the next two age the story beautifully! 

Comments: This book had PERFECT timing in my life! I had just re read all the Harry Potter books and was heading to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter when this fell on my lap! I burst out laughing as I read the first chapter, it's about a girl who is wildly obsessed with a fictional series that represents Harry Potter! This book is another treasure from Rainbow Rowell.

Comments: I love it the more I think about it. I loved the stories about last words, now I can't stop looking them up! You're gonna want to read this one with a highlighter. 

Comments: FINALLY a full series is out! Perfect, I repeat, PERFECT series for a beach read. Bachelor meets the Hunger Games. So freaking fun, easy, & entertaining. 

Comments: Officially fan girling this series. 

Comments: LOVED IT! Seriously jumping up and down by the final chapters. SO HAPPY TO HAVE ANOTHER GREAT SERIES! (If you like Mistborn, Game of Thrones, or the Kingkiller Chronicles this is right up your alley!)

Comments: Oh my cuteness. Seriously so adorable. Two misfits meet on the school bus. If you liked The Fault in our Stars you'll LOVE Eleanor & Park!

Comments: This is a debut novel about an orphaned girl forced to dress and behave like a boy so she can escape life in a brothel. She's an excellent fighter and quickly rises through the ranks of soldiers and joins the royal guard. From there we have traitors, a war, sorcerers, and a love triangle (of course) It's not bad, but I'd point you to Graceling or Poison Study first. Similar plots, but better characters and story development.

Comments: This is a children's book, which isn't usually my scene, but I did enjoy it. I love when books spread little puzzle pieces throughout the book that all whiz together at the end to make everything fit!

Comments: Pretty good! Starts in a dystopian future (I know... again) in the months following an alien attack that severely cripple Earth's population. It's The Host with more action, mind twists, and a better set up. 

Comments: Good! If you liked Graceling by Kristin Cashore you'll like this one as well. 

Comments: So effed up. So good. Read this one. 

Comments: I thought this was a delightful read. A WWII nurse time travels back a century to the Scottish highlands! Okay now that I write that it sounds lame... maybe just trust me on this one? Wait here you go... HBO is making a series based on it so it has to be good right? (It also means it's a bit raunchy... fair warning!)

Comments: GROSS. Can't believe I wasted my time with this series (Divergent). It really just ended up being a first time author trying to force a story to make herself edgy. What a mess.

Comments: Can't say enough good things. Can't wait for the next book. 

Comments: Girl meets boy in science class. Boy is super dangerous and in a gang. They fall in love despite the risk. Basically Twilight without vampires... but even worse.  

Comments: This series just got better and better with each book! Great way to end the series... with me openly bawling. Really, really entertaining. 

Comments: Utterly unremarkable. 

Comments: How is this allowed in stores? So so mind numbingly DUMB. By the end I was reading to see if the main couple murdered each other or not. Nope, the authors idea of a super romantic ending was the couple getting married in Vegas. Gag. Gag everywhere. 

Comments: The farther away I get from ending this book, the more I appreciate it. This isn't one that would immediately pop in my head to recommend, but I if you into this genre you should definitely check it out. Plus this is one of the cooler magic systems I've ever read about!

Comments: I'm not a zombie fanatic (I prefer evil geniuses to a mindless ones) however, in honor of the movie coming out this summer I decided to pick it up! I LOVED it. Months later I still find myself referencing it. For those of you who have seen the movie, it's a very loose adaptation. The book ask's the question, "What would actually happen to the world if there was a zombie virus." FASCINATING. 

Comments: Oh my goodness. I cannot say enough good things about this series! It's Ender's game meets Harry Potter with a touch of The Count of Monte Cristo. I really, really recommend it! Fan girl status!!!

Comments: This series is EPIC! You have to put a lot of time into it, and half of your favorite characters WILL die... but so so so so good. Top 5 series of all time. If you don't have tome to sit down and read, I strongly recommend the audio tape. I've done it both ways and the narrator of the book makes it all 10x better. He is so talented! 

Comments: Murder Mystery in modern day Austenland? The last 50 pages were fun, but I wouldn't recommend it unless your already a Shannon Hale fan and can forgive her this misfire. 

Comments: AHHHH!!! This is the much awaited sequel to The Selection (Hunger Games meets The Bachelor). It had a little bit of second book syndrome going on... but let me put it this way: I promised Breck that I would take the book to the gym and when I got home I would put the book down and clean. I ended up staying at the gym for 3 hours because I couldn't put it down.  

Comments: I'm really liking The Infernal Devices (Prequel series to the Mortal Instruments) and I would say the second book is even better than the first. Granted, I might be biased because Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) reads the audio version with his irresistible accent. 

Comments: This series is really growing on me. The sister/brother love is weird but I'm bearing it with the expectation that there is some sort of plot twist where they aren't actually related. 

Comments: Stay away from this series. Cool premise (perfect society where you are Matched to your soul mate), but a horrific execution. Really, don't do it.

Comments: This had so much potential to be fun (Indian Prince that is curses to be a Tiger for all but 24 minutes of each day), but the main character is such an idiot you can't enjoy anything else. I hate you Kelsey.

Comments: I devoured this book in a matter of hours... and then flipped back to the first page to read it again. Granted I'm a sucker for a little regency romance. Totally recommend for a beach read!

Comments: Would you fall for Persephone's trap? Well seeing as I am the biggest sap for mythology ever... of course I loved it. Excited to read the rest of the series!

Comments: When I was a kid, my mom told me if there was ever a stampede of people and I felt like I was going to get trampled, to stick my elbows up and lift my feet and let the wave of people carry me to safety. It wasn't until I read this book that I realized she got that advice from a beauty queen in Africa trying to get away from killer ants! This is the story of a family who goes on a mission to the Congo in the 1970's, told through the eyes of 4 sisters; the diva, the religious zealot, the genius, and the tomboy. It's beautiful. Definitely will make you rethink a lot of your #firstworldproblems.

Comments: Called it! I swear I cannot read a book without correctly predicting the ending within the first 50 pages. I like this series! (Future- love is a disease that is surgically eradicated before your 20).

Comments: I am a huge sucker for adaptations of the Cinderella story, I can't count how many times I've read Ella Enchanted! This one isn't quite as good, but it's an easy read and good for a bubble bath. 

Comments: The middle book in a series is always a drag. This one jumped around as Tris and company are shuffled from place to place in wake of the Simulation attack.  The plot fell apart in a few places and you seriously can't get a hold on Tris, but it did build up to a big reveal that's going to propel the series through to the end. 

Comments: The ratings for this book on Goodreads is off the charts, but it kind of reads like Twilight. Things get pretty good in the middle, there are a ton of balls in the air and it has the potential to be really thrilling... but they land exactly where you expect them too and it's just a lackluster ending. I doubt I'll finish the series. 

Comments: Swoon. Listening to this one on audio book is like sitting with hot cocoa across from Rob Lowe in a mountain-top retreat. And man, does this guy have a tale to tell! He has met everyone from Andy Warhol to Bill Murray, narrowly avoided being on the notorios plane that crashed into the pentagon, worked with legends like Coppola, plus, he dated a princess! Self deprecating and adorable, if you didn't have a weird old-guy crush on R.Lowe before this book, you definitely will after.


  1. Oh my. I feel like we should be kindred spirits because of our mutual love for all things WW. I'm gonna have to check this out.

  2. Haha I love that we have similar tastes in books - Disney ruined us! My husband had a talk with me too while I was reading the Elite. He made me put it down and spend time with him. Haha poor guy!

  3. Great list. Can I just say thank you for including the good and bad?! From the ones on the list I have read, your taste is spot on. I'll be back to this list when I need a new book!

  4. Have you read Requiem (final book in the Delirium series)?

    1. If I'm being honest I think I decided it wasn't worth my time and I read the plot synopsis. Should I of stuck it out?