Day 17-19: Hodge Podge

Last night we got a call. At 2:49 in the freaking morning.


Normally I would be okay with it. That's because normally the person would be calling to let us know someone died and I'd be able to think to myself, "It could be worse, you could be dead."
But last night, it was a lady asking about the Mortuary address. Who decides that 2:49AM is a a good time to call for directions??? And more importantly, who hasn't heard about Google maps yet?

I'll pretend it's someone as lovable as these two...


It's Mom's day weekend! Sadly, mi madre is all the way in Texas and I wont be able to give her all the hugs and kisses she deserves this Sunday. So to make her feel a little closer, I am making her recipes all weekend! Tonight I had one of my favorite comfort foods, Jambalaya. To her credit (I was on the phone with her the entire time) it turned out pretty dang delicious:

And of course we needed some O-Henry bars

Today, I admit, I am hallway girl.

In other news I have a pretty neat website for all you Pinterest people. Check out this blog http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/. This chick is nuts creative.

She teaches you how to make crafts:

and party treats:

Dress pretty:

and organize your trendy home:

In short, I have a total girl crush on her and you should too!

Entertainment: 4 dimples
Usefulness: 9 dimples
User Friendly: 7 dimples

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