I'm An Adult

Rent. Car payments. Electricity bills. Insurance. Finding a job. There are a lot of stressful things about growing up.

But it's also everything you ever dreamed it could be. 
Let's review.

1. Getting whatever you want at the grocery store. WHY YES I DO WANT ALL THE  PUDDING CUPS.

How many boxes of cereal will I need this week?

Maybe I can't fit every flavor of Blue Bell in my basket...

2. You don't have to stay friends with people you don't like.

Let's be honest. Some people in this world are just not going to be friend material.

In school, there was no escape. But newsflash! You are no longer required to force friendships. I'm not saying this is an excuse to be cruel or unkind. Treat others how you would want to be treated, right? 
I just want some people to treat me with distance. 

3.  Clothes? Not mandatory. 

Me within 10 seconds of coming home:

Eight hours of work is a daily struggle

4. Cleaning is optional. 

Don't get me wrong. Cleanliness is important. But contrary to what my mother tried to convince me, the world will not implode if my bed isn't made in the morning. Or if my bed is made ever.

I'm pretty sure I've touched on this before, but general house keeping isn't so much my thing. 

5. You can spend money on anything you want.

24-hour age-defying magic shimmer luscious bronzer? Sounds like a keeper!

6. Cookie Dough. Go ahead. Lick the beaters. And then grab a spoon and eat the entire bowl because NO ONE WILL STOP YOU. 

That tub of Ben & Jerry's is lonely and so cold! Just give it a home. 

7. Homework who? Oh you want me to read something carefully?

8. Finally, you get to appreciate your parents. Real deal. The first time you realize that your parents are astronomically awesome and were right about everything and you were just a brat and you resolve to spend the rest of your life making it up to them?
Powerful moment right there.  Love you Mom & Dad! I hope my seamless GIF integration makes you proud.

Now I'm going to go get my snuggie and eat Girl Scout cookies dipped in peanut butter.



Today I completed the first of my 25 before 25 list!


When I saw "drastic" keep in mind:

1.  I usually only cut my hair once a year.
2.  When I say "cut" I mean trim. My hair hasn't been short since the 4th grade.
3.  I haven't had highlights since middle school.

So... my drastic is pretty tame. 

But BAM.


So now I look like this:

 How am I going to act about this?

How am I coping on the inside?

Bring on the next 24!


25 before 25

It's 2014. And while my news feed is crowded with resolutions, I've got a more pressing deadline to think about. In 15 months I'm turning 25. A quarter of a century. A fourth of my life at least!

So before that day comes, I'm setting a bar. Twenty-five goals I want to hit before that clock hits midnight. Here we go!

1. Go to Canton, Texas (Largest Flea Market in Texas)
2. Go on a camping trip, sleep under the stars
3. Go to the Czech Republic with Breck
4. Visit one of the 7 Wonders
5. Learn how to film and edit a simple video
6. Surprise Breck, make his jaw drop
7. Perfect 5 different meals
8. Sew an outfit
9. Tip a waiter an outrageous amount
10. Watch the top 100 movies
11. Go on a road trip to somewhere new
12. Spend one full day in bed
13. Learn how to transition doodles to digital
14. Visit Kirstin in New York
15. Run a half marathon
16. Redesign my blog
17. Assemble 72 hour kits
18. Do something drastic with my hair
19. Read the Book of Mormon
20. Lose the last 10 pounds
21. Read 25 books
22. Ditch my phone for a week
23. Go to the temple 10 times
24. Buy a freaking dresser!
25. Document 1-24

Feel free to join in with your own list or if you can help me reach any of these...