Christmas Catch-Up

I seem to be always juggling goals. I get one thing under control, only to throw it back in the air so I can concentrate on something else. I'm afraid my blog has been a casualty of that perpetual juggle!

So, here is a brief update of the past few months. 

In November, we had our good friend, Callie Manion, take some holiday photos for us. I've shared a few, but here are some of the others! 

I wanted to incorporate that shoot a with my new venture in hand lettering, so I spent a few hours putting together our holiday cards.

It was our first year sending them out, so they mostly went to family. If you'd like to exchange cards in the future, let me know and I'll put you in my address book for next year!

At Thanksgiving, we went home to San Antonio to spend the holiday with my parents and my older brother Glen's family. That meant a lot of face time with my handsome nephew Leo!
I can hardly wrap my head around how cute he is! We spent the weekend eating, shopping, playing games, and singing "Christmas Monkey" more than any childless adult should. 

December brought a flurry of Christmas spirt and Christmas stress! Since Breck was knee-deep in finals and applying for law school. I did most of my Christmas prep at work. We got a Christmas tree. 

Decorated the office.

And threw a little soiree.

But it's not all parties! I swear we work. 

My highlight from this month was organizing a Christmas line and photo shoot for one of our clients. Working with the models was great, but I actually got to photograph the flat lays! 

It was such a cool process! And come on... when is shopping on someone else's dime not fun?

Squeezed in there, we had Breck's 29th birthday and our 3 year anniversary. Breck could barely look up from his work to celebrate his own birthday, so we settled on take home Carrabaras and presents at home. We exchange the "traditional" gifts every anniversary and this year was leather. After a (100% homemade courtesy of Breck) dinner of homemade lobster ravioli, I gave Breck a Daniel Worthington watch and he got me gorgeous boots from Anthro! Smart boy. I think it's been our best year yet. 

To finsh the year, we spent Christmas with Breck's side of the family in Arkansas. We had Minute to Win It tournaments, movie marathons, explored the Discovery Museum (recently featured in this awesome Jimmy Falllon clip) and got up to all sorts tomfoolery. 

A good end to a most splendid year. 



In an attempt to complete number six (6. Surprise Breck, make his jaw drop) I sneakily snagged us a pair of tickets to Boston for this past weekend. I had grand ideas of packing his bag in secret, suggesting we go on a drive and then just showing up at the airport to announce the trip, but Southwest not so sneakily sent us a letter confirming our flight. Damn.  

Nonetheless, Boston was enchanting. 

On Halloween night, we took a train out to Salem, site of the infamous witch trials. The little town was flooded (100,000 visitors!) with costumed crusaders. The cobble-stoned streets milled with everyone from Glinda the Good to the entire Ghostbuster Gang.  There were street performers on each corner, bands, ghost tours, shops and treats. 

But my favorite part was the costumes!

I won't sugar coat it, Boston was COLD and WET. Our ridiculously over-priced umbrellas turned inside out with every gust of wind. But it was hard to care with such a beautiful city to explore!

We walked 8 miles our second day in Boston, much of which was along the Freedom Trail. 

We were lucky enough to nab an excellent guide (Isaiah Thomas) who taught us everything from the reason for the pinecone on top of the Capitol Building to the grave robbers who stole John Hancock's hand.

After braving the weather we thought we deserved a lunch for kings. 
(The server doubted our ability to finish it all. Silly child.)

If you knew me during college, you knew I was never far from this guy!
Sal and Shelby were in town for the weekend as well, so we met up for a quick drink and stroll down the famous Newbury Street. I was pretty much fan girling. 

The next morning we took the M up to Cambridge for what will go down as the best breakfast of my entire life. Introducing the Ole Miss:
Okay so my crappy iPhone might not do it justice but just listen to this description: Cayenne-Cheddar toast topped with sausages, mashed chipotle sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs and mango sour cream. Guys. It was so good. True story, I shed a tear because I was so sad I couldn't finish it. 

We headed south after breakfast to check out the Public Library. 

Why can't all libraries look like this? I truly believe that a lot of societies issues would be solved if everyone had a library like this to retreat to.

The last bit of our trip was spent at Fenway.

We had an excellent time! Thank you to Mary and Shelby for their Boston recommendations and tips!

Home Jeeves.