At my church, each member of the congregation has a responsibility to help services run smoothly on Sunday. People teach lessons, some design the programs, others lead music. I am in charge of the 3 year olds. The so-called, "Sunbeams."

First off. Look at me. Do I have children?

What about younger siblings? Have I ever nannied, babysat, or spent more than 10 minutes alone with a child???

Do my friends or family members trust me with their children?

SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? You want me to keep track of 8 three year olds for TWO HOURS??

Some of it is my fault. When they asked me if I'd be willing to help, I said I'd be happy to. 

You may say, "Brielle! Seriously? Stop being weak and ineffectual! They are small and without muscle! You can easily handle this with your impressive stature and physique." 

This is how it happens. We start out at singing time with all the older kids. My only responsibility is to make sure they keep their tiny bums in their seats. So easy right?

Watch this GIF for an hour and that is my life.

I now have eyes in the back of the eyes in the back of the head. 

After that, we make the trek down the hall to the toy room. I'll assign a child that's behaving well to lead the line reverently. Sometimes they behave beautifully. Most times they behave like a rabid racoon. 

Sigh. The next station is 5 minutes of play time. You can imagine.

I'll admit, snack time is entertaining. Little humans are so physically inept. 

Unless they reject the food because they hate it even though THEY'VE NEVER TRIED IT EVER.

The worst part is when the little buggers have to go to the bathroom. Most of them are potty trained and very independent. Easy! Until they poop and innocently ask to help them wipe.


I had to go to my car and cry for a while after that one. 

After snacks it's lesson time. MY TIME TO SHINE! I bring props! Make games! Create cool crafts! Hands on activities! But no matter how much I prepare:

At this point I'm fried. It's over. 

So I bring out bubbles. Their brains cannot cope with how happy bubbles make them.

Bubbles + one kid= Adorable.

Bubbles + many children= Mob.

Okay before we go into this this next part can we establish something? Small children are not the brightest. Exhibit A, B, and C:

See??! A tiny bit silly, and VERY accident prone. SO PARENTS! Don't evil eye me when your kids run into walls and hurt themselves! You should of taught them about physics before this point. This is your thing. 

Can't there just be a thing where all the parents bring puppies for me to watch for 2 hours? I would like that very much. 



Remember When I Was Good At Blogging?

This is my desktop right now:

Now take that image and apply it to my entire life. My apartment, my car, my legs that probably haven't been shaved in 3 weeks, my schedule, and my head. 

Everything is kind of like:
So, my apologies as I try to catch up.

First, Breck and I had a hot date with some wildlife. We headed South to Fossil Rim, a wildlife reserve that acts as kind of a drive-through petting zoo. 

The animals were... friendly? 

The zebra and I seemed to be getting along when he totally freaked out and started yelling at me. What a brat.
Everyone was congratulating Breck on getting that second picture, but the truth was he got like 20 of them! I was begging him to get us out of there and he was just laughing at me from over on the safe side of the car. I won't be choosing him for my team if there is a zombie outbreak. 

After the park we ventured down to Hico, Texas to check out their famous chocolate shop. 
...and got one of everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The next weekend I took a quick trip down to San Antonio to see my parents. The initial goal was to spend all day Saturday sewing so that I could cross another item off my 25 before 25 list. In the end, I said screw it and my mom and I went hiking instead. Good things happen when you procrastinate. 

On the way back to Dallas I stopped at Hamilton Pool, a natural spring outside of Austin. I'd seen it listed on a bunch of "Places to see in Texas" lists and wanted to hike down there myself. 
It was surreal.

Until you're right on top of it, there are no indicators that this spot could exist. But there it is, the most beautiful little paradise you could hope for. Make the trip to see it if you're ever in Austin!

The weekend after San Antonio I went scouting for a photoshoot with a friend and found this little oasis off a sketchy dirt road in Mckinney.
The water is actually that color? Yeah.

Texas is putting up its A game this season and I tip my hat to it.