Resolution Review

Can't make new resolutions without revisiting last years list! Verdict?

1. Did I follow the carb cycle? Sure, for about a month before I remembered how freaking amazing baked goods are. 
I also tried Paleo and quickly realized there is a good reason why the human race graduated from being cavemen.

2. Budgeting habits? Well... we still don't have a dresser. But I AM getting better at saving and budgeting! I'm going to say this is the one that I actually did alright on. 

3. Ten minutes a day for scriptures and journaling. Let's not talk about it... my mom reads this blog. 

4. Hmmm... random acts of kindness. I wanted to do twelve and I remember doing 2. Unless you count the time I ran down a homeless guy to give him a pizza and he said he didn't like pizza. The real question there is WHO DOESN'T LIKE PIZZA?

Everyone likes pizza. Jennifer Lawrence likes pizza,

TMNT likes pizza, 

Zac Efron loves the pizza,

even Stanley likes pizza and Stanley is a curmudgeon. 
My only theory is that perhaps the man was not homeless and was too nice to tell me. 

5.  Reading an educational book each month. Well, a quick look at my Bookshelf tab will show you I haven't strayed far from sci fi/fantasy. So I like magic, kill me.  If I ever come face to face with a dragon or a Chandrian,  I'll find myself very highly educated thank you very much. I have read about 30 books this year so maybe that evens it out. 

Better luck this year!

Happy Joy 6

1. Breck and I just got back from an Ellsworth family reunion! My parents rented a gorgeous farmhouse in Frederick, Maryland as a meeting place for the family! It was kind of perfect.

Six straight days of nieces, nephews, ping pong, delicious food, movies, and village wolves... what more can a girl ask for?

2. We got a new car! Ahhhh! After 6 straight months of pulling our hair out over car problems, my little Cougs went the way of the world. 

As much as having a car payment will suck, it is such a relief to not have to worry if my car is going to start every morning! So we are proud to introduce the newest member of our family:

Isn't he handsome?

3.  It was Christmas!!! Is there anything better that the look on someone's face when they're surprised with a gift?

4.  Last but not least... mad props to the man who's put up with my sick, snappy self for the past week and still treats me with all the tenderness and patience in the world. What a catch!


So the man and I celebrated year two of marriage!

No biggie right? Marriage is a cinch when you're the best wife ever!

So I have this theory that when we met, Breck decided to completely underwhelm me with his romantic vibe. Remember how he forgot about Valentine's Day our first year dating? (I haven't.)

That way he can steadily turn up the dial and keep me in a state of shock as he sweeps me off my feet over and over! Smart cookie that one. 

This year he upped the anti with homemade dinner ready and sizzling when I got home...

and perhaps the cutest gift and table setting I've ever seen (has he been on Pinterest or something?)

 This year, we kept a jar on our counter to stow away some of our favorite memories. Every time we thought of something that made us happy, we'd jot it down and add it to the pile. It was so fun to finally read them!

Happy Anniversary Breck!