Top Ten of 2015

Free time should be spent doing one of two things:

1. Maintaining the things you need in order to survive
2. Enjoying the things you need in order to live

Sadly, this blog did not make that list much in 2015. But, in the time that I wasn't searching for the perfect GIF, Breck and I had an exciting year! Here are some of our favorite memories from 2015. 

1. Colorado Trip.
Back in February, my agency paid for a team retreat to Breckenridge, Colorado, for skiing, sledding, and other mountain fun. Although the slopes were a thrill, Breck and I both agree that our day trip to go dog sledding was the highlight of the trip.

2. Breck & the Spurs.
You might think this minor in the scheme of a year, but I don't think I'll ever get over this picture of my four favorite guys hanging out. 

3. Handlettering. 
This year I rediscovered my love of hand lettering. Although my drive for daily posts has dropped off in the later part of the year, in the spring I was being sponsored by one of my favorite brands, featured by the hand lettering community (yes, that exists) and successfully selling my prints online. It fell off my list of priorities when we moved, but recently I had the opportunity to help design a piece for a magazine in California. The design that was originally meant for a quarter page advertisement was moved to the cover. Whoop!

4. Graduating UTD/Getting into Law school.
Breck has been the ultimate trooper - throughout dating & marriage he has transferred colleges four times just to follow me around. This year he graduated from UTD and then was accepted to 6 law schools across the country from Seattle to New York! 2015 was the year that we could finally get a peek into what our future together might look like.

5. Maine Trip.
My feisty Grandma Jane passed away this year and as one of her parting gifts, she arranged for the whole family to travel to Maine to celebrate her life and enjoy a family reunion. We all stayed in a cabin by a lake and spent the week exploring the stunning coast of Maine and eating Lobster everyday.

6. Moving to DC.
After accepting an offer to Catholic University, Breck and I (with the help of many family and friends) made the move from Dallas to DC. Although I still get homesick for our friends and my job, there is no denying that this place is our jam. Best of all, the move brought us within 2 hours driving distance of all three of of my brothers which has already quadrupled the amount of face time I get with my nieces and nephews. Win win win.

7. Michigan Game. 
For his graduation present, I got Breck and his dad tickets to see their favorite football team, the Michigan Wolverines, play in Maryland. Breck's dad drove 16 hours to come watch the game - and then had a burger from Burger King and got massively ill before the game. Huge. Bummer. I filled in, and although I care about football as much as Rita Skeeter cares about journalistic ethics, it was really fun to see Breck root for his team! And the crab pretzel wasn't half bad.

8. Breck turning 30.
I don't know if it made his top ten... but it's too big of a milestone to keep off the list! Breck's first final for law school happened to be on his 30th birthday! Yikes. We had to keep the celebrating to a minimum, but family and friends pitched in to make it a really special day. I asked 30 people to send in memories, inside jokes, and well wishes and then blew up each message and wall papered the apartment. We all know Breck isn't a super emotional guy- but it's been a month and he still hasn't let me take them down!

9. Fourth Anniversary.
Every December is a rat race in our family. Between finals, rush season at work, the holidays, and Breck's birthday, it can be hard to remember to properly celebrate our anniversary. This year, we ixnayed any gifts or fancy dinners and decided to do a staycation in downtown DC. We left all our stress and computers at home and just ate junk food and watched movies and laughed until housekeeping kicked us out the next morning. I officially vote that this becomes a yearly tradition!

10. Christmas in Arkansas. 
We are fresh back from a 32 hour roundtrip road trip to Arkansas for Christmas. We love going to Arkansas to hang out with the Story Family, even if we always gain 5-10 pounds when we visit!

Two new members of the family! Meet handsome Jackson and lovely Isla:

Here's to 2015 & cheers to the new year. 



At my church, each member of the congregation has a responsibility to help services run smoothly on Sunday. People teach lessons, some design the programs, others lead music. I am in charge of the 3 year olds. The so-called, "Sunbeams."

First off. Look at me. Do I have children?

What about younger siblings? Have I ever nannied, babysat, or spent more than 10 minutes alone with a child???

Do my friends or family members trust me with their children?

SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? You want me to keep track of 8 three year olds for TWO HOURS??

Some of it is my fault. When they asked me if I'd be willing to help, I said I'd be happy to. 

You may say, "Brielle! Seriously? Stop being weak and ineffectual! They are small and without muscle! You can easily handle this with your impressive stature and physique." 

This is how it happens. We start out at singing time with all the older kids. My only responsibility is to make sure they keep their tiny bums in their seats. So easy right?

Watch this GIF for an hour and that is my life.

I now have eyes in the back of the eyes in the back of the head. 

After that, we make the trek down the hall to the toy room. I'll assign a child that's behaving well to lead the line reverently. Sometimes they behave beautifully. Most times they behave like a rabid racoon. 

Sigh. The next station is 5 minutes of play time. You can imagine.

I'll admit, snack time is entertaining. Little humans are so physically inept. 

Unless they reject the food because they hate it even though THEY'VE NEVER TRIED IT EVER.

The worst part is when the little buggers have to go to the bathroom. Most of them are potty trained and very independent. Easy! Until they poop and innocently ask to help them wipe.


I had to go to my car and cry for a while after that one. 

After snacks it's lesson time. MY TIME TO SHINE! I bring props! Make games! Create cool crafts! Hands on activities! But no matter how much I prepare:

At this point I'm fried. It's over. 

So I bring out bubbles. Their brains cannot cope with how happy bubbles make them.

Bubbles + one kid= Adorable.

Bubbles + many children= Mob.

Okay before we go into this this next part can we establish something? Small children are not the brightest. Exhibit A, B, and C:

See??! A tiny bit silly, and VERY accident prone. SO PARENTS! Don't evil eye me when your kids run into walls and hurt themselves! You should of taught them about physics before this point. This is your thing. 

Can't there just be a thing where all the parents bring puppies for me to watch for 2 hours? I would like that very much.