Beauty Blender

Truth: if you are not using the beauty blender, you are not reaching your full potential. I first heard about this miracle maker on Emily Maynard's new blog

I’ve recently discovered the “Beauty Blender Sponge” which I always thought was just a fancy/overpriced regular sponge, but it has since become one of my makeup drawer must haves. 

Seeing as my skin is having middle school flash backs and Emily is practically the perfect human being, I took her up on her claim.

What: It's this little pink sponge that you use to blend in foundation.
Where: Sephora for $20 (so so so worth it!)
Why: It makes your skin look flawless and airbrushed by distributing your foundation seamlessly over your skin. Also, it doesn't absorb any of your product so you don't waste any and it's super easy to clean!
How: Dab little globs of foundation on your face with your fingers. Soak the beauty blender in water and then squeeze it all out. The sponge will of doubled in size. Use the fat end and lightly bounce out the foundation, spreading a thin layer over your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and neck. Flip it around and use the tiny end to get under your eyes and into any tight spots. VOILA! The perfect canvas!

Quotes from my husband referring to said product:
"Your face looks so smooth"
"You are glowing."
"Your make-up looks so natural."

Not exaggerating . All these things have been said to me in the last 3 days from a man who has not spoken about makeup once in the last 2 years.  

Do it. 


  1. This is extremely convincing. So glad your sephora haul was a success! Do you think it works with BB cream?

  2. For some reason, the first Breck quote reminded me of Mean Girls. "Your face smells like peppermint!"

    1. Haha! Haven't put foot cream on my face quite yet...

    2. I had that same thought. Mean Girls rules my life.

  3. I loooovvveeeee my beauty blender. Especially after wetting it a bit.