You girls with boyfriends and husbands, I need a word—we need to talk about letting your man have guys night out.

Tell me, why is this even an issue? Why is it mentioned on every list of "How to Improve Your Relationship"? 

This should be a no brainer for many reasons:

1. All of his guy friends will think you are the coolest girlfriend/wife ever. I swear sometimes I feel like an endangered species because Breck's friends are so in awe that I'm cool with him going out. This has an extra bonus because his friends will talk you up to your bf/husband, and that reinforces his deep satisfaction in choosing you. 

2. You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! Face it, the days are numbered that you have completely to yourself.  For instance, tonight, Breck is watching the NCAA game with a couple his friends. If he hadn't gone out, he would be watching it in the living room and demanding pizza. Instead, I went and got gelato:
 A new book:
And some chick flicks:
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And now I have the whole house and the whole night to be a girly slob. How is that not awesome?

3. He misses you and is ecstatic to see you at the end of the night! As much fun as his friends are... they don't have boobs. 

4. He realizes how good he has it. More often than not, he will hear horror stories from his friends relationships and be so glad that the worst thing he can say about you is that you sometimes forget to put your toothbrush in the toothbrush holder. 

5. It makes you look confident. And confidence is hella sexy. 

6. He thinks he owes you. So next time you want to go to the World of Dance competition, instead of groaning, he buys you a pretty dress, takes you to your favorite restaurant, and says it makes him feel like Bradley Cooper from Silver Linings Playbook. 

There you go. It's a win any way you look at it. So next time he asks to go play with his guys, don't get butt hurt about it! It isn't about you. Tell him you'll miss him, to be safe, and then kick him out and start the bubble bath. 

ALSO! I got a hair cut/color and I'm in love! 
Gay stylists for the win!


  1. My husband is a Freemason and I looove when he goes to Lodge meetings because it means I have an entire evening to watch Lifetime movies. We mostly have the same film interests, but he draws the line at my guilty pleasure.

    1. At some point we are going to have to revisit how awesome it is that you married a Freemason... but RIGHT?!?!?! I mean I love my husband, but I also love my Oxygen reality TV!

  2. Hahha, love this post. The part about being a girly slob. And about how his friends don't have boobs. Also: more pictures of your adorable hair! I wanna see!

  3. I love this too! One time Joe and I got into an argument and he told me that it annoyed him that I didn't put the cap back onto the toothpaste and I told him that if that was the worst thing he could find that bothered him about me then he got a great catch :) You are too funny Brielle!

  4. And this is why you are one of the few married people I enjoy hanging out with. I appreciate you and your independent attitude. And that you know Breck will always come home to you because you have boobs and his friends don't. Well, hopefully they don't.

  5. All of these are so true! I love it! Casey always comes home talking about how everyone else is married to some crazy person, its great!

  6. I love GNO for Ry, he needs some male bonding time ha PLUS I get to read all night without him closing my book every 5 minutes telling me I read too much haa PS HAIR looks great!