Medieval Times According to Tyra

Birthday's are awesome. Have I mentioned this?

But really, thanks for all the love. It makes my year! 

This birthday, something really magical happened. Straight out of a fairytale. Breck took me to Medieval Times!!! 

It was beautiful.
When you walk through the portcullis, the peasants address you as M'lady and M'lord. And you're just like:

After they've boosted your confidence with their velvety words, they give you a CROWN. 
FOR ME???!?!
You feel pretty dang cocky. I mean... you have a crown. And you're in a castle.

Then, you get to meet the king.
He was into me.

King: (Gesturing towards Breck) Is this lord your betrothed?
Me: Yep! Well, we've been married a year! 
King: Pity. The land is much in need of the subtle airs of a queen. 

Finally, we were called to enter the stadium and take our seats.
Notice there are no utensils. It's a real hands-on experience. 
And the show began! They set the stage and explained the rules.

We were to root for the Blue knight. He, my friends, was a bad ass.
Think Mel Gibson, Braveheart Era.
Every time he turned the crowd for applause, he was like:
Dinner began and so did the show. The knights displayed some parlor tricks.


But there was food on my plate so I was mostly just like:

Then the real fighting began. And I got into it. 

Like, really into it.

And Sir Blue was killing it! Jousting those other fools into piles of broken lances.     

And then... he was killed. Sir Red sliced him in half. First I was in denial. Then there was pain. Then there was anger. 

I eventually got over it. Mostly because desert arrived.


Also, while I'm obsessing over princesses, you probably need to see this:  


  1. Brielle. I LOVE your blog so much. --Coralee

  2. Brielle I just ROFL'ed at all those ridiculous Tyra clips... She is seriously the worst thing to watch, like stab my eyes bad! My family and I would always mute whenever she started talking hahah But somehow I had seen everyone of those stupid moments during ANTM haha pathetic! BUT HAPPPY BIRTHDAY I realize its a little late but im glad it was awesome!!!

    1. Haha I feel like every season so just drops into a new level of insanity. She crazy.

  3. Girl you are a mess! You make me laugh! Tyra is sooo annoying! Happy Birthday!

  4. I could die. Tyra! bahahahahahaha