Under the Sea

I have two great fears:
1. Being trapped in a spaceship
2. Being trapped in a submarine
Something about being stuck in a machine where no one can help you... shiver. And I probably saw Apollo 13 and U-571 way too early in life. 

So it's a bit of a conundrum that I love to scuba dive. Hands down, it's my favorite thing.  So when my husband invited me to the wonderful world of maine life courtesy of the Dallas World Aquarium, I was down like a frown. Now, I'm about to photo dump, but it's okay because dez just cute wittle aminals.

Breck sharing his Anaconda knowledge.

Monkey business

Super fashionable stingray

Sloths!!! They were holding hands. 

Heyro Mr. Frog

The shark tank!

Breck was terrified. 

This seahorse was the size of my pinky nail! Adorable!

After, we crossed off another one of our restaurants from Dinners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Now, I've had Chicago style pizza in Chicago and New York style Pizza in New York... but guys, Cane Rosso takes the pie. (Eh? Eh? Get it???)

We sat at the pizza bar and watched them craft each masterpiece.

We split the "Zoli". If you are ever in Dallas, this is the most important thing you will do. 

Break hit and happy Saturday!


  1. Not to be that guy, but it's the Dallas World Aquarium, grew up at that place. It's the best

    1. Hahaha thank you! I really should start proofreading.

  2. We heard the aquarium was fantastic but never made it while we were there. Steve mentioned at some point that you'll be heading to FW soon...maybe. We decided you need to go to the Botanical Gardens. If you go in March the Japanese Gardens are amazing- cherry blossoms, get excited.