Tricks and Treats

So I have spent the last 5 hours doing the my new blog header. I've never done cartoon characters in Adobe Illustrator before, so even though these are pretty lame... I am kind of psyched about it!

Raise you hand if you don't have a cute Halloween costume to post about because you still have no friends in Plano! It is seriously good that Breck and I are best friends because he is the only person I hang out with. One day I will make a friend here! (I am realizing that I sound completely pathetic, so moving on...)

Even though I am not dressing up this year, I have been rooting from the sidelines! Here are my three favorite things about Halloween:

1. Pumpkin flavored everything! My favorite this year is Pumpkin Spice granola from Trader Joe's.
Put a handful of that over Honey Greek yougurt and that is all you need to eat for the rest of your life! I've had it for 8 meals this week.

2. Television is so awesome this time of year. How am I even supposed to keep up with all the shows?? I mean, just look at my 'to watch' list:
1. Revenge
2. The Walking Dead
3. Once Upon a Time (not impressed with this season)
4. Dexter
5. Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure!)
6. Survivor
7. Modern Family
8. Nashville (love!)
9. The Vampire Diaries (not proud of it)
10. ANTM
11. Saturday Night Live
Okay, obviously I have a problem (no friends, remember?) but they are all so good! Sue me.

3. COSTUMES! I love watching all my friends get so crafty! Here are some of my favorites that I've seen so far (sorry for stealing your pictures, friends!):
Sarah as Betty Boop
My second cousin and her friend as Peas in a Pod.
Miss Paisley as a cheerleader.
My niece as Thing 1 (Does this mean a Thing 2 is coming, Steve?)
Kate and her boo as the winners of The Biggest Loser.
This is awesome. Here is Karissa and her husband as a black & white Lucy and Ricky.
And my favorite. Jef Holm next to someone dressed up like Jef Holm.

Happy Halloween!


  1. you need to add homeland to your show list!! xox love you!!!

    1. Oh I've heard it's so good! Be safe in the super scary storm! Build a fort!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Halloween is NOT a big thing here in Alaska and Kyle and I will not be dressing up either. Which is a shame because I had all these great pregnant costume ideas... maybe for the next one.

  3. That granola looks so good!!!

  4. Greek god's honey flavored greek yogurt with granola is amazing! I pretty much lived off of that for a couple transfers on my mission.

    1. That is exactly what I am talking about! I tried the plain flavor so many times trying to like it, and then one day picked up the honey by accident and now I have to have it everyday! It is love!

      (I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that can't sleep!) ;)

  5. Hey, I live in Plano! We might be moving to fort worth soon though... :/ where do you live? We are on Legacy drive...

    1. What?!?! Jenna how did I not know this? We live off Preston between Park and Parker! What ward are you in? We are in Plano 9th!

  6. The first thing I said to myself when i got on your blog was " I think that is a new header, and it looks AWESOME!" And you may not have friends in Plano but you have a best friend from PLANO