The Utah Curse

Today Breck had a big test. He wanted to get to get to school early, but couldn't find his truck keys. He looked in the normal places, like the key bowl and his pockets, and then the not-so-normal places, like the refrigerator and the bathroom.

Flummoxed, he retraced his steps... yesterday was Sunday so he hadn't left the house (that was me letting my mom know that we totally keep the Sabbath day holy), that meant the Saturday grocery trip was the last time he had driven anywhere. (Every time we bring our groceries in, it's the same routine; I load up with as many bags as I can, take the keys, and get up the stairs to open the door for him.) Breck opened the door, and jingle, jingle there hung the keys, right were I left them! We must have honest neighbors. Or no one wanted the truck with the Jabba the Hut hole punched in the side.
It's official! Utah has cast it's curse. Let me explain.
Qualities of our first apartment in Utah:
1. It was in Provo, UT, AKA Mormon headquarters, USA.
2. It was always freezing no matter what the thermostat claimed.
3. It smelled weird so we had candles going 24/7.
4. It had no washer/dryer hook-up so we had go to the laundromat.
5. Something was wrong with the toilet so if you didn't flush it exactly right it would run.
6. Half the electrical outlets didn't work, so I always had to blow dry my hair in the kitchen.

Things that happened in our apartment just this weekend:
1. It was General Conference, so we felt super Mormony.
2. It dropped a good 20 degrees overnight while all our windows were open.
3. Something died somewhere and made our apartment smell awful, so we had a trip to BBB for some Yankee Candle Company goodness (Someone explain to me how our wedding gift card to that place STILL has money on it!) 4. The heating unit in out dryer broke so we had to go to the laundromat.
5. Our toilet handle broke off (WHAT?) and so if you don't lift and press at the right time, it just runs.
6. The top outlets in our room stopped working.

All in ONE weekend. Utah is flipping me off so hard right now.

___________________________________________________________ Also, I just finished a book called Room.
It's a story told from the point of view of Jack, a 5-year-old who has spent his entire life in an 11 X 11 room, never once seeing the outside world. His mother was kidnapped and kept in this room for 2 years before she became pregnant and had her captors child. It is nuts. I recommend it, but don't listen to the audio tape, the person that reads it does it as if they were a 5-year-old. Not so desirable.


  1. That book looks really good! I have been trying to figure out what my next read will be, and I think I have just decided to read Room! Thanks for the recommendation--you will most likely see a blog post on it :)