Happy Joy 2

So my friend created a blog that compiles all her WORST dating experiences and that of her friends. Fun idea, right? You should check it out because my story may or may not be featured in the latest post! Click here to visit How To Lose A Girl in 10 Days.

So it's been a VERY strange week. Something kind of big/annoying happened... but I'll wait to tell you until it has a happy ending! Stories aren't fun until they end well right? (Can you tell I still read Young Adult Fiction?)

But great things happened too!
1. Breck made me Tilapia with Garlic Sauce and Pasta for dinner:
(I so married up!)

2. I finally got around to destroying my advertising site. It was a mess! I ripped it down and am starting fresh. First step, new name design... what do you think?

3. I bought every season of The West Wing! A little obsessive seeing as I've only seen through season 4, but this show is the real deal. I could watch the whole thing and then start from the beginning and watch it again over and over. Plus... the whole pack looks so official right?!

4. I saved $320 because I complained on twitter. Yay for social media!!! (And thank you communications degree for teaching me how to work the system)

5. Bresck started work with the Dallas Mavericks today! I like the idea of him working, but I hate when he actually has to be gone. On the upside, I am currently watching a movie, and not ESPN.

Off to Houston tomorrow for work! P.S. EGG NOG IS OFFICIALLY IN GROCERY STORES!

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