Survivor Casting Calls

Mini Rant:
Coach purses. How did they become popular? I understand spending money on classic, quality items, but am I the only one that thinks this brown on brown repeating pattern is just about the ugliest thing to become widely excepted?
I know they change the style and colors occasionally, but who was the first person that said, "OMG! I totally need this brown C all over this lumpy bag! I'm going to pay my college tuition to buy it and so should you!" I hate that person, whoever it is.

Yesterday I checked quite the doozy of my life-long bucket list. I applied for SURVIVOR!
If you didn't know... I'm a HUGE Survivor fan. As in I haven't missed an episode since the 4th grade. That right there is Harry Potter level dedication. I've filled out the application a couple of times before, but I've never been in a place where I could drop off the face of the planet for a month. Now that I'm married and it's football season... no one will notice :)

After a four hour road trip to Oklahoma, a friend and I pulled into the magnificent pile of dirt that is Hinton, OK. The Casting Call for the show was to take place in "Sugar Creek Casino" so I was expecting you know, lights, or... a casino. It was kind of like that, but in a "I just upgraded from living in a trailer" sort of way.

Anyways, if you ignored the smoke and the hoards of drunk people, it was a fabulous crowd! About 200 people (of ALL sorts) showed up for the interview. We stood behind this AWESOME survival buff who spent a good ten minutes teaching us how to catch fish using a stick.

We waited in line for about an hour, exchanging snippets of information and strategy with the people around us, signed a couple of waivers and got a number. Obviously, I was lucky 100. Based on your number, they called you into a back room where you stood in front of blinding lights and a camera, and had 60 seconds to explain why you would be a good candidate for the show.

My 60 seconds were kind of a blur. I started well and ended strong, but there might of been some crazy eyes and strange gestures in the middle part: If they like it, perfect, I'll take the million dollars. If not, I'm happy I went! You won't score unless you take the shot, right? And maybe the crazy lady with no teeth will get on the show and I'll be able to say that I complimented her hat in casting. Win, win.


  1. Brielle, I always laugh reading your posts. Sam and I miss you guys in Provo!

    The Broadcloth