Happy Joy

Hey there superstars! I am in an awesome mood today! I think from here on out, every couple of weeks I am going to do a little list of things that are just delightful and make me happy. Let's start with...

1. My precious baby nieces!
Now, I am pretty horrible with kids. Once, a guy at work brought his newborn into the office and tried to get me to hold her. I was so frightened that I started crying. Yeah, NOT good. But these little ones are some of the few that tolerate me. And that is a happy thing.

2. These pictures:

And on a Harry Potter note (which is always bound to make me happy) JK Rowling's new book comes out this month! Yay for a new obsession!

3. I can figure out most things in the kitchen, but I always screw up the meat. Well, I think it tastes fine, but we have a delicate eater in the house. So Breck accepts duty as meat chef. Today I asked him to prepare some chicken so I could make some chicken enchiladas for dinner. He made me this:
That is true love.

4. We went to the zoo this week! Who doesn't love zoo's??! We were just coming out of the koala exhibit when I heard The Flaming Lips start to play (not normal Zoo music.) We followed the music to a little outdoor auditorium where a crowd was growing. A zoo keeper was singing "Do You Realize" to another zoo keeper. And then...
He dropped to a knee and popped the question! When she said yes, about 200 white doves flew in an arc around them (they were bird trainers so I'm not even exagerating that part.) It was the first surprise engagement I've ever seen and I was so excited. But then debbie downer Breck said it was just a publicity stunt for the zoo and they weren't really getting married. But you know what? I posted this picture to instagram and BAM
The guy that proposed found my picture and thanked me!!! Happiness prevails!

5. Last, but not least, my number one favorite show of all time is having Open Casting one week from today a mere 5 hours from my house. It's fate. That's right my friends, I am going to try out for... SURVIVOR!
Yes it is still on TV and yes it really is my favorite show. If you think that is silly and are tempted to rain on my parade, I have one thing to say to you:


  1. Yay for Survivor! I remember when you spent a seminary class filling out the application. Good luck!

    1. Haha I still have it!!!! It' really funny to read, in retrospect.

  2. Can I come with you? Naw, I'd be the first one kicked off...sanctimonious Mom and all...but I am excited for you! Love your posts! You are amazing! Tell Breck I loved his chicken Heart!

  3. I DEFINITELY had a dream last night that you posted a bunch of pictures on facebook of you and Breck in a grove and you were wearing a red dress sporting a baby bump to announce you were expecting! I don't know what it means....but I tend to have dreams that come true haha and then I saw the first pic of this post and I was like- no way! but maybe soon?? :)

    1. Hahaha! Kimmi! I can't stop laughing about this! Whenever I do get get prenant, I am going to have to take those pictures! But hopefully we still have a bit of time to be an irresponsible married couple ;)
      P.S. Your zoo makes all American Zoos look so lame!