Kitchen Makeover

It was one of those mornings. I swear I dressed in the same clothes, put on the same makeup, did my hair the same way, but it definitely did not turn out the way it is normally does. Am I the only one this happens to? Anyway, I got a bit panicky and then when I saw that the little baby panda from the National Zoo died today, I climbed back into bed and declared it was a national day of mourning.

I really am sad about the panda. I tried to find a picture to go with this, but when you type "baby panda" into Google, it's really hard to tell which ones are stuffed animals and which ones are real. That cute.

On to the fun stuff! Breck and I are redoing our kitchen decor! And that means projects for me!

My new menu chalkboard was inspired by these wonderful things I found/fell in love with from Anthro:

I tried to take step-by-step pictures but I kept on getting excited and forgetting to stop so...
They were all out of chalk at Hobby Lobby so I haven't been able to use it yet, but I'll update in a few days when I finish my giant chevron clock!

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  1. adorable! i was wondering what s,m,t, had to do with B,L, D and then I got it! Thanks for being sooooo creative. I want to spend all my free time with you!