San Antonio Roadtrip

Riddle: What is the probability of Breck and I having two separate incidents of the alternator giving out in two different cars within the same year? Apparently pretty freaking probable.

We were visiting San Antonio when my parents car gave out on this deserted Texas road. Just our luck right?
Lo and behold, there just happened to be one little lonely car station in the middle of the desolation. A huge thanks to San Pedro Ward for your prayers for your Bishop! (Or super human Bishop powers, I'm not sure what was at play.)

While we waited for the car, we noticed a pretty legit chopper out front. The owner of the shop told me to hop on and try it out (aka pretend to try it out because me actually reaching those handles is a joke) I assumed it was his bike, so of course I took him up on the offer.

It was not his bike. It was Woody's. 
Never a normal day, people.

After the car was fixed, we continued on to Johnson City to check out the LBJ ranch.
We saw tons of wild flowers. 

And lots of cows. It was all very Texas. 

The ranch house turned out to be pretty cool. President Johnson would invite foreign dignitaries out to the ranch and take him for a ride in this car:
He would be driving and chatting, and then suddenly veer down a gulch down towards the lake screaming "THE BREAKS ARE OUT!" He would drive these poor foreigners straight into the lake... only to float! The car is actually an amphicar and works as a boat too. 

I made Breck pretend to be president. It could happen, he has very presidential hair. 

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house because, as we all know, flash photography is kryptonite for everything that needs preserving. One of the other guys on the tour tried to sneak a picture inside the LBJ family room and a century old chest from Japan burst into flames. Really long description to explain why I am standing in front of this random car.

My cutest parents:

Next stop was Gruene , Texas (pronounced Green).   

On the way we ate these adorable Fiesta cookies:

And we brushed up on our Trivia skills. My mom answered EVERY single question correctly. For like 100 cards. I was the reader when this card came up:
I accidentally read the middle question, "Who was erected overnight in August 1962?" I giggled. Breck and my dad were not amused. 

The Gristmill for Dinner! So good!

Oh and just in case you were wondering what Breck's reaction is whenever I pull out my camera:

And this is Harry the family dog. Hell will smell like his breath. But he doesn't mind have his picture taken... nor does he burst into flame. 

On the way back to Dallas, we stopped in Austin for a day to meet my brand new nephew Leo! He is a precious little lion. He even has the mane! 

I can't even...

Methinks Breck even got a wee bit baby hungry:

*Pops birth control pill* 

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