Mother's Day

Do you remember 1989 for the Ellsworth family? I think Glen's face pretty much says it all:

 Good thing 1990 rolled around. Ah there! Much better!

Mom, how can I sum it up? Whenever we visit San Antonio and Breck looks at you and whispers, "Ah, so that's where you picked that up." I can't tell you the pride I feel that I get to keep a bit of you with me. Thank you for daily caring for me and the people I love most in this world. Thank you for Brant, for Steve, and for Glen, they are so wonderful! Thank you for my life, and the tender way you've pushed me to have the highest expectations for myself. You are a light. You are my beacon. 

From then:

Until now:

Mom, I love you. If we could of picked moms, I would of picked you always. 

Happy Mother's Day, beautiful.

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  1. Aww your mom is so cute!! This post was so beautiful.... and historical!