And the Winner is...

Thanks so much for all your support! Without much ado, the winner is:

In all fairness, I did pick my moms name first but we both agreed it would be better if it went outside the family. But congrats! Mandy, you can email me at briellestory@gmail.com when you get a moment! 

Everyone else:

Consolation story: 
I am the activity days leader for my church. This means every other Wednesday I lead activities for all the girls 8-12. A.K.A Church appointed babysitter. 

Last week we went on a nature hike.

Me: Alright! Before we leave does anyone need to use the restroom?

So we all go to the bathroom:

Anyway, the girls are filing into the the stalls when one of them stops, turns and gives me one of these:

She motions me over and I peek in. It's total destruction. What happened to create this???

I can't even say it. Help me out Neil? 

Anyway, the little barbarians gather around to gawk and  I'm trying to get them focused on the real objective when the littlest one starts laughing hysterically. 

Her: (Between gasps) It's a prank! 

Quizzical looks.

Her: Look, someone but purple koolaid in the toilet! 

We look. 

Definitely not purple koolaid.  

a) Introduce young girls to their awful and eminent future
b) Say it's koolaid. 

Always choose b. Period. 

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  1. 'Choose B. Period.' Pun intended? I think so. And I am freaking THRILLED that I won!