I'm social media awkward.

I get these lightening bolt thoughts.

And I think to myself, "Holy teledo Batman! That might just be tweetable!"

So I get cracking

But wait! I must contain this brilliant thought into just 140 characters? It simply will not fit!

Yet, how can I deny the world this delightful quip?? I will make this work!

I struggle happily for a while

I've got it! Alas, this hilariously relevant hashtag won't fit. So... close.

And then, perfection. It all comes together. 
Oh man... this is going to be great

I'll just close my computer so when I come back I can enjoy all those retweets and favorites in their fullness.

Two minutes later...

I excitedly click on the Connect tab to see how many people appreciate my cleverness. Sadly...

No one! No recognition! I am unretweetable.  

But wait, what's this I hear?

A melodious ping of recognition?? I hurriedly check again, only to find, "@bri_ellsworth *changeable not changable #spellcheck" 

Really Twitter friend?

I give up.

From now on, you are just a place where my Instagram pictures go to live. 

P.S. Don't you hate when people correct your grammar every other second? Ugh, is anyone worse?

Touché Harry. Touché.


  1. Holy crap. How do you come up with these hilariously entertaining posts? I crack up every time! And Twitter hates me too. And screw grammar.

  2. it is a toss-up between the 80's kid on the computer and the duck dynasty one. seriously. i was lol'ing. you are an internet genius. (and a real-life one too.)

    1. Ah I was unsure about 80's kid! I feel validated.

  3. Long story for you: I was nursing my baby (what, you didn't want to know that?) and "blog hopping" on my phone and came across yours and could NOT stop laughing/reading your posts. An HOUR later, and clicking "Older Posts" a dozen times, I realize how long it's been and I get sad because I'm pretty sure I am to end of your blog. Needless to say - my new favorite :) Thanks for being awesome. I kind of wish we were real life friends.

    1. I actually blushed! Thanks Lisa! Unfortunately I have to tell you that my friends agree that my blog is way cooler than I am. Thanks for reading :)

  4. I'm sorry to say that Glen is is one of those grammar-correctors. But I'm sure you already know this. I've started having him proofread my blog entries before I post because I hate when he reads them and the first thing he says about it are all the errors I made! Booo grammar-correctors.

    1. Ugh, on many separate occasions Brant and Glen have called to tell me something was spelled incorrectly. Seriously? That is not a love language as far as I know.

      P.S. I can't wait for this weekend!

    2. It's "toledo." Not "teledo."

  5. ok i keep seeing your posts on my facebook feed from Mandy Phillips, and every time I read here I pretty much pee my pands (2 babies, dangit) and so, consider this like, a retweet or a response or something, cause I'm a huge fan blog stalker and whateverdon't care!

    1. Haha I love Mandy! Seriously what a doll she is. Thanks for going out of your way to brighten my day :)

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