Conway Road Trip

What??! Two road trips back to back? Life on the edge.

This weekend we drove to Breck's hometown in Arkansas. I remember when we first started dating...

Friend: So who is this new boy?
Me: Oh Breck? We are trying the whole long distance thing out, he lives in Arkansas.
Friend: Arkansas? Does he have all his teeth? (Smug laughter)

Sure, Arkansas is the home of Walmart:

But it is seriously gorgeous!

And the people there are kind and wonderful, and "bless your heart" every chance they get. 

Anyway. The big event of the weekend was the Toad Suck Daze. I know, I know, this was my first thought too: 
The legend behind Toad Suck refers to the time when steamboats traveled the Arkansas River. When the water was not deep enough, the steamboats tied up near Conway. While the crew waited, they loitered over refreshments at the local tavern. People living nearby commented, "They suck on the bottle 'til they swell up like toads."  Thus, toad suck. 

We went with Breck's parents and his gorgeous little sister, Darienne:

I'm kind of mad about that man just waltzing into the back of my picture. 
Much Better.

First stop was to check out "Stuck on a Truck." A group of people are chosen to compete for a brand new Ford F-150. How do you win? You have to keep a hand on the truck until you are the last one standing. This group had already been there for 49 hours when we got there. 

A five minute bathroom break every hour, but no chance to sleep! The longest time anyone has lasted is 136 hours... 6 freaking days!

Next we visited a friends boutique (shoutout to Appletree!) that was just around the corner. When we walked in, she and her mom took us right over to their sign board display. Right in the center of it all was one with our name... established on our wedding year! Apparently a friend of Breck's family had made it for our wedding and forgotten to gift it. Time passed and they were embarrassed to send it late... so it's been on display for the last few months.

Time for food. There was a lot of it.

There was so many fried food options: Kool-Aid, Oreos, Twinkies, Cookie Dough, Green Tomatoes etc. We settled on the Fried cheesecake:

I ate an entire jumbo corndog by myself, but there is no way to take a picture of eating a corndog and remain dignified... so we are going to skip that. 

It took us forever to find a turkey leg, but after accosting a small girl to find out were she got hers, we found them! 

I ate most of that too. 

Of course, Ronald Mcdonald (Arkansas Mascot) was there. 

As was this adorable girl who I creepily took a picture of on accident. (Note the Mommy and Me matching cheetah suits.)

I guess after that point I was so busy eating I forgot to take pictures, but we had the best time! 



  1. haha Brielle, I love this. I'm from Bentonville, and this post brings it all back.

    1. Further proof that the some of the best people come from Arkansas!

  2. Umm, all you can eat vacations are the best kind!

    1. So that's what we are doing when I come to New York?

  3. hahhahhaha ahh i am dying i love the pic with leo and also all your food, YUM! i am now craving a corndog.