Day 71-81: Husband

Do you know how FRUSTRATING moving can be? SUPER FRUSTRATING. Like that time earlier today when I spent $70 over-nighting our rental application, only to find out that the only apartment available was snatched up yesterday. Ripping. Out. Hair.

This is one of the days I am super grateful to have the goofiest husband in the world. Oh, you thought Breck was a stoic manly man who only likes sports and eating steaks? WRONG! (Even though he does love those things.)

I think it is time for a spotlight on Breck. This is my husband.

Today I was leaving for work, I saw a scrap of paper with his tiny scribble on it. Thinking it might be one of his cute little love notes, I peeked closer.
It read,

"Sometimes, I like to pretend that I am a gorilla and run down the street pounding my chest and making ape noises and climbing trees"

And folks, that is just exhibit A.

One of his favorite pastimes is terrifying me. Back when we were dating, we would stay up late watching The Walking Dead (He watched, I cried and hid under the blankets.) Then, instead of being a gentlemen and walking me out, he would pretend to die, come back to life as a zombie and chase me to my car. And you think this is a fun flirty routine? No. He is practically an Academy Award winning actor and a very convincing undead. When we moved into the mortuary, I made him pinky promise, no crosses that Zombies were no longer allowed. Now, I get to deal with sweet neck kisses that turn into vampire attacks and various other monsters that jump out at me whenever I round a corner.

His talents don't end there! This kid loves doing voices. You have your normal accents, Australian, Scottish, and Russian. He can do characters pretty well too! Whenever he says, "Always" like Severus Snape I get tingles. But my absolute favorite is "Elmos", Elmo with a latin flare. I tried to get a video of it... but I'm not as sneaky as I like to think. But the voice isn't the important part... who the heck comes up with, "Elmos"???

Anyway, that's a tiny peek into life with the Mr. Breck Story. He puts me in such a great mood :) So does my favorite band singing Disney songs:

Total side note, but is anyone else obsessed with Chris Powell???

Just look at that... smile.

If you have not seen Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, stop anything productive you are doing in your life and spend the next 10 or so hours with a quick Hulu marathon. In a sentence, it is a season of the Biggest Loser wrapped into a two hour package of complete and perfect motivational joy. I mean LOOK at this:

What MAKES the show is the trainer. Possibly the most sincere guy on television, Chris Powell is my hero. And yes he has a bomb.com body but you honestly can't think about it too much because you are so distracted by how good of a guy he is. If you do take me up on this, I would start with either Rachel or LaRhonda, they have been my fav's so far! Added benefit of watching is you feel extra skinny! Just being able to see your feet feels like a life accomplishment.

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