Day 53-64: Secrets, Secrets

I have something huge to tell you. But it's secret so you'll have to wait.

Until then, let me share something that is guaranteed to make you smile.

This is Annie

She is my niece! What a doll, I know.
Now, Annie has many talents. She can paint:

Play sports:

Make pies:

Park cars:

Plus she is an expert sharer:

But the big news is that last week Annie graduated from Preschool! Yay Annie!
She is that charmer in yellow:

She was thrilled!

And here, taking in the moment with her sweet mom:

And my favorite:

I haven't been able to stop laughing at these for the past week, so thanks Brant and Coralee for understanding why I had to steal them!

P.S. If any one was curious about the mortuary, it's been NUTS. I know this will come off as unsympathetic, but people have been dropping like flies. We've already had 2 calls today, 2 yesterday, and FOUR on Sunday! Seriously? Just a warning people, eat your Wheaties.

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  1. this made me start laughing all over again! Thanks, Brielle :) Excited to hear your secret!