Day 47-52: L-M-N-O-P

Ever wondered why you say L-M-N-O-P so quickly when you recite the alphabet? Well I figured it out.

Elementary School.

Zing! They were teaching it to us before we even got there! You're welcome.

Anyways we had a fantastic weekend! We saw Snow White and the Huntsman:
I would say that this movie was close to worthless. I think they straight up copy/pasted half of Kristen Stewart's lines from the Twilight series. No one needed to relive that. But I will say that Charlize Theron is stupid beautiful. In fact, you know those lists you make with your boyfriend/husband of the celebrities you are allowed to snuggle with if the opportunity arose? I think I would bump Adam Levine and add Charlize.

We went on a hike:

I got to run in the Dirty Dash! SO fun. It's a 10K sprinkled with mud related obstacles. Check it out here:

I ran with our friends the Fehlburgs, the most adventurous people I know:

And Breck came to root for me! He got a big muddy X&O at the end:

And we watched more Friday Night Lights than I care to admit:

Need I say more?
This show is my favorite of favorites. It feels like someone put cameras everywhere and secretly captured all the passion, heartbreak, and victory, the little town of Dillon, Texas, could offer. To me the actors are more the characters than they are themselves. Like, who is Taylor Kitsch? No idea, but Tim Riggins looked awesome in John Carter. Texas Forever.

P.S. My husband officially has my number. Today, I realized the Spurs game would be at the same time as the Bachelorette. I turned to him began, "Hey can you..." before I could finish, he interjected, "Record the Bachelorette? Already done." Winner.

YES I watch the Bachelorette. Mostly because it is hilarious, but also because Emily is kind of awesome and I wish we were friends. Creepy.


  1. Yay! I am your biggest fan! Looks like the MUDDER was fun! Be good.take care.

  2. that looked like the grotto, if you come this close, come and say Hi, The pool is up, you can swim and eat and visit.

    1. The one we did was at Soldiers Hollow! But we will take you up on that offer!

  3. I agree on all accounts- LMNOP, Snow White, Theron, and Bachelorette! Only you could take a beautiful picture covered in mud!!

    1. Whats embarrassing is that I came to the L-M-N thing because EVERY time I write an email to an Elementary school I have to sound it out! Oh geez :/

  4. Brielle... I freakin love you!! You crack me up! Tho I am sad that snow white was a waste of ur time!! I've been wantin to see it!! Lol... Thanks for ruining that for me!! Hahaha.. Jk... Love you guys and miss y'all like CRAZY!!