Happy Joy 6

1. Breck and I just got back from an Ellsworth family reunion! My parents rented a gorgeous farmhouse in Frederick, Maryland as a meeting place for the family! It was kind of perfect.

Six straight days of nieces, nephews, ping pong, delicious food, movies, and village wolves... what more can a girl ask for?

2. We got a new car! Ahhhh! After 6 straight months of pulling our hair out over car problems, my little Cougs went the way of the world. 

As much as having a car payment will suck, it is such a relief to not have to worry if my car is going to start every morning! So we are proud to introduce the newest member of our family:

Isn't he handsome?

3.  It was Christmas!!! Is there anything better that the look on someone's face when they're surprised with a gift?

4.  Last but not least... mad props to the man who's put up with my sick, snappy self for the past week and still treats me with all the tenderness and patience in the world. What a catch!

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