So the man and I celebrated year two of marriage!

No biggie right? Marriage is a cinch when you're the best wife ever!

So I have this theory that when we met, Breck decided to completely underwhelm me with his romantic vibe. Remember how he forgot about Valentine's Day our first year dating? (I haven't.)

That way he can steadily turn up the dial and keep me in a state of shock as he sweeps me off my feet over and over! Smart cookie that one. 

This year he upped the anti with homemade dinner ready and sizzling when I got home...

and perhaps the cutest gift and table setting I've ever seen (has he been on Pinterest or something?)

 This year, we kept a jar on our counter to stow away some of our favorite memories. Every time we thought of something that made us happy, we'd jot it down and add it to the pile. It was so fun to finally read them!

Happy Anniversary Breck!

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