Look at these puppies:

The ONLY good thing about not having all of these puppies right this second, is that Breck and I still have the luxury of leaving the house without notice. So when our friends Karl and Angela invited us up to a football game at OSU this past weekend, we were down like a frown.

Even if that meant a 10 PM to 2 AM drive. 
Excuse the way my face is.

Karl actually works on the athletic team at OSU so we were lucky enough to be treated to a lot of perks and behind the scenes experiences.  

As you may know,  football isn't exactly my thing, but I've got to say the OSU fans were SO fun. "We're gonna beat the hell out of you!" (Excuses to say curse words are still an adrenaline rush to me.)

And if we're being honest, after the first half Angela and I stopped paying attention.  A.K.A. we'd taken all the pictures we wanted. 

But let's be real. Did I go for the football? Nah... it was all about Paisley! 

BFF's for life. (Thanks Karl and Angela for having us!)

And what else have we been up to? 

Trying (mostly failing) the Paleo diet

Exploring the Texas wildlife

Notice someone decided to hide a dirty diaper under a car in the auto show. 

Getting physical.

Apple picking

And putting those apples to work.

Going to the movies on off nights.

Fright Festing

and Movembering
(He wanted me to let y'all know this was only day 4 and his beard is really coming in now.)

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