Pet Peeves

DISCLAIMER: This list was collected over a series of many months. I do not keep this kind of rage with me at all times.

Urban Dictionary sums it up pretty well:


1. People who use the hashtag #my_____isbetterthanyours. 

Honestly, I think this is just terribly impolite. In one fell swoop, you are telling all of your friends that you think you are better/richer/prettier/luckier than they are. Who does that?  Or those people that put a significant other in that space, for example #myhusbandisbetterthanyours. You do realize that literally no one agrees with you right? 

2. Girls who laugh at guys... when nothing they are saying is funny. 
I thought I might get over this one after leaving the dating scene. Nope.

How you think it must look:

How I see it:

3.  When you post something to Facebook and then a friend posts the exact same thing moments later... without a nod in your direction. Oh really? You found the exact same video within moments of me? Fat chance because YOUTUBE IS BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE PEOPLE! 

(I know this one is petty, I do. But when your only skill is discovering the cool stuff other people do, you have to hold on to something.)

4. All the apps that encourage people to put text over their pictures. WHY SO MANY FONTS?? WHY?? Hint: If you can't see the picture anymore, you've gone too far. 

5. TRAFFIC. So so so many things. 
I did not leave 5 feet between me and they guy ahead of me as an invitation for you to cut in.  

I did not sit in stand still traffic just to have you use the exit only lane to cut line. 

I do not want to come to a complete stop because you need twenty years to turn right.

I will keep on pretending you are taking your pregnant wife to the hospital so I don't follow you home and crash into your living room. 

6. Over celebrating anniversaries. It's cool to celebrate every year, but ever 6 months? And the day of your first date? And they day he proposed? Oh it's been x amount of days since your wedding?
But really...

STOP! If you want your husband to know how happy you are together TELL HIM NOT ME. The world only has room for one Leslie Knope.

7. When people say a book is stupid... and they've never even read it. 

Look, if you find yourself reading this list and saying to yourself, "Wait, I do this!" Don't worry, it's not like you're a bad person. 


What do you think? Did I miss any big ones? 


  1. I heart you
    P.S. Happy 4 year anniversary of friendship

  2. Lmbo... "So I don't follow you home and crash into your living room... Love it!!

  3. I did #6 last week and I am not ashamed! Perhaps I can take credit for reminding you how much it annoys you ;).