Game Night

I am one of the very worst people in the world to invite to game night.

I really don't try to be. In fact, I do little pep talks before I go, trying to remind myself that it's just a game. Yeah... nice try.

The night starts off fine, it's just good to be with friends right?

And then someone will crack open a board, shuffle cards, or roll the dice, and suddenly:

Game on.

I can hold back at first and be a team player:

But, inevitably...

No one really knows how to react:

So Breck will lean over and whisper that I should think about calming down. But I'm just like:

Really, I'm awful. And I'm not even a good sport about the outcome! If I win it's always:

And well... if I lose...

But hey, if you don't like the quality entertainment of watching a person completely losing their mind for he sake of the game:

In other news, someone suggested the book The Selection and I totally have to pass it on!
Thirty-six girls are chosen from a caste system society to date the prince. It's The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor! So yeah, a complete guilty pleasure but really fun. And an easy read... as in I bought it last night and can already tell you that I loved it!


  1. Oh we need to post the picture of you slapping Breck across the face. Find that post and put it here, too funny!!!

  2. So glad you are liking The Selection! I seriously can't wait for the sequel to come out!

  3. bahahah!!!!! I get way competitive too! i would KEEL you in any game! :P

  4. I'm really glad you are putting books you like because I will read that one now, thanks (:

  5. I laughed my head off at this post because I'm the EXACT SAME!!! If we were ever to play games together, someone would probably die haha

  6. I love that you wrote a whole post about competitive... admitting it is the first step!