Our first Valentines Day, Breck had a bit of a screw up. As in, he forgot.
Now that wouldn't of been so bad... if I was not a complete fanatic about blowing holidays out of proportion and using them as an excuse to rain down presents. So, he had a giant package full of new basketball shoes, sweet notes and treats. And I had diddly squat.

AND since we were long distance, he couldn't even scramble. 100% caught with his pants down, screwed.

It was painful, but since, I have realized how awesome that mishap was. For the rest of my life, I never have to worry about him forgetting a holiday again. In fact, he usually goes the extra mile to try to erase that from my memory. (Keep trying babe! More Godiva!)

Silver linings people.

Funny story:

After dinner we stopped at a Walgreen to grab a Redbox. We were deliberating when my bladder remembered the 3 glasses I had just downed, so I ran inside to use the ladies room. When I finished, I was exiting the store when I heard Breck's whistle from over by the register. The automatic door had already shut so I waited a second for it to open and then went back in and walked over to him. While I grabbed his waist, I looked over and saw the cashier man looking at Breck with eyes as big as plates. A look of realization came over him and he said, "Oh! I thought you just whistled at some girl and she came all the way back over here and I was like, 'DAMN SON! Teach me that!'"

This Feb. 14th was spectacular! Thanks for all those who made sure we felt the love!

And my favorite valentine:

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