First Day

First day at the new job!
Outfit courtesy of Mrs. Cindy Ellsworth (Yes my mom still picks out my clothes for my first day)

I am officially a jewelry designer! Work started with a bang, we need to present our our ideas for Fall Market on Wednesday! I spent the day researching trends and styles. Get this... they ENCOURAGE using Pinterest during work!!! WHAT??!? Did I stumble upon the best job ever?

Oh and apparently my deepest level of concentration comes when I'm fixing my hair for a picture:

Remember that one time we spent New Years Eve at Glen Beck's house? I can't post the pictures from our tour, but I can post pictures that resemble what I saw:
Well, not quite Beauty and the Beast library, but they did have a sliding ladder... so pretty much.

There was also a buffalo on the wall behind us. Which kind of looks like Beast. (All you can see is his Santa hat, but I promise, it's a buffalo.)
And at the end, I got to kiss my prince.
In conclusion, my life is like a Disney movie. Except my candle stick has never had inappropriate relations with the feather duster.


  1. Um, amazing job. and oh so perfect for you. Congrats!! I want to purchase your first jewelry piece, if I may. I'm trying to collect things of people that I know will be famous one day.... signatures... papers... articles... locks of hair.......

  2. yay so awesome! this is turning out to be the fairy tale life we always imagined for you :)