$20 Office Makeover

After the first week of work, I've decided I need to make my desk more personalized. The room I'm in is already bright with natural light and has a fun orange wall, but my desk is a little stark compared to my neighbors.

On a budget of $20 this is what I came up with.
Some wall quotes. These are the easiest things in the entire world and super cheap, each one of these cost $1 to make. You don't even have to have good handwriting. Just pick a quote and loop your letters to fill the space. (Also for all you walking spell checkers, I realize I'm missing an apostrophe, I added it after the picture.)
An initial and a clip board for my daily to do list. Again, the hardest thing about this is waiting for the modgepodge to dry. These cost about $1.50 a piece.
Some picture frames.
And of course, I use bunting for everything. It's an easy way to fill a huge space for the price of paper and string. I got this paper from Hoblob, and it's the best pack I've ever bought! I spent $15 for the pack, and still have 40+ sheets to use and expand on what I've done so far.

Also, I found this card while I was looking for supplies.
"If I could hug you with eight arms without totally freaking you out... I would."


  1. You're so creative Brielle! I might have to try that wall quote canvas - too cute.

  2. Putting wall quotes is one of the most convenient and cheapest decorations to make your office look more personalised. Glad you emphasized it on your post.