DIY Christmas-ish

Happy Holidays!

I am currently snuggled up in a big quilt enjoying a snow day. I really never thought I'd see one of these when we moved away from Utah, but lo and behold, I had my first white Christmas!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was aiming to do a DIY Christmas, and guess what? I failed miserably! No surprise, but I'll still show you what I came up with!

For my mom (who if she didn't get married might of become the pigeon lady in Home Alone 2) some painted TOMS.

My dad used to always say this fun little poem to us called their "Their Once was a Puffin." I rewrote the poem, illustrated it, and then made him a little book. These are a few of the pages:

For my youngest sister-in-law I painted a pair of The Walking Dead shoes. (That is supposed to be Daryl... I am not so good at portraits.)

And my grandma's and aunt got some homemade cards

That's kind of where the success ended. I bought a canvas to paint something for my other sister-in-law. After working and reworking it for hours... it pretty much turned out like puke:
... so we got her some Bath and Body Works and house supplies instead.

Raquel (Christmas fanatic) got this little jewel:

Mammaw got a pedi/mani certificate.
Bo got a purple Nike golf shirt.
Kate got a paper cutter and a book of scrapbook paper.
My brother got this awesome game. (I game it to myself for Christmas too)
Breck got a keyboard for his iPad/2K13/John Varvatos Cologne (he smells soooo good!)
And Dalo got a big bone. :)

I also got to help a few other people with their Christmas presents! Niles knew they didn't make Vans in his wife's favorite color anymore, so he had me make some just for her. (With a little bit of extra character in the back!)

Kirstin asked me to do a little "family portrait" of her sister and their dogs.

It was a great Christmas! Made better that it was filled with 2.5 hours of pure joy as I watched Les Mis. I thought Russell Crowe sounded just fine, thank you very much.

Oh and this happened, and I am probably going to take the original picture, blow it up and put it in our living room:


  1. Niiiice job! i had a goal to make all my gifts this Christmas but, unfortunately, my gallbladder surgery had to happen sooner than planned due to possible pancreatitis blahness, so I was still recovering! I only made one--a large square cement block with my dog's pawprint in it and decorations. My dad (who the present was for) ended up having to help me because our dog was terrified of what I was trying to do for her and i had tried and failed almost 10 times and was feeling faint (healing from surg) so he had to hold her down. So he helped make his Christmas present lol!

    I haven't seen Raquel in many years but it looks like she has lost some weight! Looking good!

  2. Bahaha I like the Merry Christmas card!