First Anniverserary

So it's been a year. A year of waking up next to this face.
Let me say this:
While the world continues to decay, it is so precious for me to know that, although I have many flaws myself, I am part of something as perfect as my relationship with Breck. To know in the midst of it all, something as beautiful as the love we have each other can go unblemished is the greatest comfort. In the past decade, I feel like the view of marriage has become so twisted. But let me be a witness of what I know is the truth. Marriage with the right person is liberating and interesting and hilarious and victorious.

Marriage is like when Molly Weasley took out Bellatrix.

It's like the Google commercial about Sophie and her dad.

It's like when you judged Susan Boyle and then she was the best singer you'd ever heard.

It's like this dad.

Or when this happened.

It's like when soldiers come home from war.

Or when everyone stood up in your theatre during Miracle.

It's like when the dad came and helped his son finish the race.

Pretty much whenever I think about it, I just want to stand up and start a slow clap. Marriage is awesome. And I'm so glad I get to share it with Breck. I'm so grateful it happened to me.


  1. Brielle,

    Can you please put some kind of warning on posts like this like" : Warning- if you watch all these movies in a row you will be crying and it is adviced to not watch at work!
    - Thanks, the blubbering mess in the corner cubical

    1. Hahaha I probably should have! I have seen each of these clips 10+ times... but Dear Sophie and Derek Redmond get me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  2. Still very cute, and breck is just as lucky as you. It made my life to be in ya'lls wedding!

  3. Oh, I hope I get this one day...

    Oh and If you ask me--Breck married UP in my book! hahah:P

    -Melissa Nichols

    1. Haha he would agree with you, but I never will!

      And of course you will! It's all just a matter of time!