Favorite Things: Books

Last night was the Oprah's Favorite Things show. It was...
I'm no Oprah, but I LOVE giving gifts. This year I am doing all homemade gifts because:
1. I am dirt poor
2. I think it's easier to find the right gift!
I'll have a really neat post after Christmas to show you each one, but for now it'll stay a surprise.

Until then I am in a favorite things kick! For the next month I'll be doing lists of all my favorite things! I'll start with an easy one...

1. Harry Potter Series. Duh.
2. Ready Player One. I picked this one up at the library because I liked the cover art. Best decision. It's set in the future where the world is in shambles, resources are scarce, the economy is broken, and people live in trailers stacked on top of each other. The only escape is into a virtual reality called OASIS. But even that can cost. The ONLY glimmer of hope is a complicated quest set up by the creator of OASIS, but it's been years since the quest started, and no one has even found the first clue. Haha how dorky to I seem? If you liked Ender's Game I think you'd love this one!
3. Watership Down. This is one of my go to reads, but again, it sounds a little crazy. Think LOTR with rabbits. I realize how strange that sounds. But it's so good!
4. Les Miserables. Classic! If you don't have time for the book, go see the movie! (But you should really read the book too.)
5. Graceling trilogy. This is one of my guilty pleasure reads. If you liked Hunger games, I think you'll like this too. Strong female lead, love story, battles, fight against a overarching evil... can't go wrong!
Let me know if you pick one of these up!


  1. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that I first recommended Watership Down. It's still one of my great favorites.

    1. I owe you for that one! Big Wig, Hazel, and Fiver forevs!