Thing 1 and Thing 2

I have two really BIG problems in my life:

1. Democrats
2. Republicans

I have never been into politics because, even from a distance, I could see it for what it is. Two groups of people chasing each other around a tree instead of helping each other reach the top and get a better view on how to better help the country. But because my husband is into politics, I get about 3 hours (both left and right) of political immersion EVERY DAY.

You want to know the facts? I have them.

Mitt Romney is a great guy.
Barak Obama is also a great guy.

Neither one of them is trying to make a personal attack on you or your family or your homes. So stop claiming that you HATE them or that they are stupid. You sound like an idiot.

Also show some freaking RESPECT. Have you ever been the president? I would not imagine it's particularly easy. Imagine how hard it must be to get ONE thing done with half of America pitted against you and Congress filibustering over and and over. Whether or not you like his policies, Barak Obama is the PRESIDENT. He spends all day everyday trying to find a way to help people in this country that are hurting. Whether or not YOU agree with how he's doing it, respect that he is trying his best.

You know what I am going to do? Three things.

1. I am going to wait to decide who I am voting for until Romney and Obama can get in the same room and debate the REAL issues. Not dogs on roofs or birth certificates.

2. I am going to challenge the facts. Just because someone is on TV or published in a newspaper, does not mean that they are incapable of lying. Seriously, only google tells the truth these days.

3. I am going to pray that WHOEVER wins the election, whether it's who I vote for or not, that they and their staff are able to help this country succeed. I am going to pray that our government can get thier crap together and stop putting their prejudices ahead of the needs of the American people.

P.S. You know those political meme's? A 7-year old could make them. Stop posting them on Facebook, you ignorant slut ;)


  1. I just made a similar rant to Nicole today haha I told her that I have a love/hate relationship with politics because I have to stay up to date on everything, and I'm minoring in political science, but I can't stand talking about it with anyone. People are so quick to make things personal. They throw on their team colors and get to work vindicating their side. There are some who maintain at least some semblance of civility, but are more interested in seeing if they've stockpiled the right "facts" and "counterfacts" to swing a conversation their way than in sharing real opinions. Way to be objective. I hope your socialist husband doesn't drive you too crazy ;)

  2. love this! I totally agree.

  3. the most awesome post. possibly ever.