New Blog Name

Do you get it? Plano and Plain ol'??? Please say you get it because amidst moving and transferring jobs and family reunions with screaming babies, my number one stress has been the name of this blog.

Plus, my cartoon self looks awesome dressed like Daisy Duke, something my real self could never pull off.

Anyway, today's post is all about how I can be a huge b-word. I get away with a lot because of my effective use of "bless her heart" and my dimple size. Oh... you didn't realize dimples allowed you to be a monster? Please refer to Graph A:

It's true, you can ask anyone from the unofficial dimple club:

If you remember, a few weeks ago I was trying to sell my couch. As the moving date approached, I put the couch on KSL (Utah's Craigslist) with the following stipulation:


Since then, we have moved to Plano, and traveled to Houston, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Harrisburg, Hershey, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Richmond, Washington DC and Atlanta, all with little to no internet access.

Any straggling emails I got about the couch I ignored because:
1. I was extremely busy and not paying attention.

On Saturday, in between flights home, I got a call from an unknown number. They didn't leave a message so (LIKE A NORMAL PERSON) I didn't worry about it.

But this morning, I got this email:
Hi. I called u Saturday and never got a call back. I even emailed u over a week ago. I think I've been super patient and I want a reply today because you are wasting my time and being disrespectful. Is the gray couch still available or not? If not, u need to take it down immediately so that myself and others on KSL won't be misled. If u r going to put something up on here than u need 2 B responsible for keeping up with it. You seem unprofessional. I will report ur ad if I don't hear back today. Fair warning. Francie

Ummmm what?? Has this girl never been on KSL? It's not exactly stock market trading. I imagine she's the kind of person that sends these texts after a first date:

It (sadly) goes on... but you get the idea.

Anyway. This was my (very unchristian) reply: (MOM DO NOT READ THIS!)

Hi Francie
I am so sorry to keep you waiting. My mom passed away unexpectedly last week and I've had trouble keeping up. I can't believe I didn't think to take down my KSL account! Foolish me! Things are in such disarray, I hope you can understand.

Now Francie, if this would of really happened, wouldn't you feel pretty silly right now? Contrary to your belief, I am not a store clerk at Pottery Barn and I have no "responsibility" to reply to your every beck and call.

And no you cannot have my couch. I am discriminating against your superiority complex. And your poor grammar. You and the KSL police can (explicit).

Hugs and Kisses, Brielle

Oh despicable me.


  1. bahahahaha oh brielle i do love you.
    p.s. i love your new blog name. james was wondering what you'd come up with next bc he loved your old one. so creative my dear!

  2. I love this! Love it all....the new blog name, the cute graphics, and the sassy response (which I totally would have done as well, so don't feel bad! I'll always help you justify any sassy behavior)!

  3. YES!!! People around here are ridiculous when it comes to KSL. I swear every time I post something people ask if I will drive to their house show them the thing I'm selling just so they can see if they want to buy it or not. I'm like, "umm... do I look like FedEx?" usually they live in bountiful or Layton and I just got to the point where I delete those emails/texts. Like I said, people are rediculous!!!

  4. I am glad I am your friend, because I would not want to be on your bad sad (and so you will excuse my grammer mistakes)

  5. You win. You always do. That's why I love you. #workedher


    And your blog posts. Keep 'em coming!

    I miss you and I hope Plano's treating you right.


  7. seriously B, most creative person I know.

    wish it could have worked out to see you last week!

  8. HAHAAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH omg i just peed myself at work.

    u r so funny and i love ur writing style and ur new blog title bcuz u r cool and i like u. winkkkkk ;)

    thanks for sharing beautiful miss <3

  9. I sincerely wish I could be more like you!! Way to stand up for yourself! It's honestly a gift I strive for......oh and you're hilarious! hahaha

  10. U R 2 kewl.

    How is it that I JUST found out you had a blog??/ Ah!! I think it was your responsibility to let me know... I'm offended. You have 24 hours to reply back or I will let the officials at blogger.com/google know.


  11. Oh wow...Brielle you are hilarious! I kind of love that you did that. Dimples can be deceiving. :))