One, Nine, Twenty-Four, More

I checked off 3 more from my 25 before 25 list

1. Go to Canton, Texas. 

Canton, Texas, is the site of the largest flea market in Texas. The place is massive! And interesting. I have NEVER seen so many people on motorized scooters. If I learned one thing from the experience, it was that I should never miss a day at the gym again. 

I wish I had more pictures, but this was the only time I remembered to pull out my phone:

What did I get? A ladder and an apple pie from an Amish man that looked like George Clooney. Success!

9. Tip a waiter an outrageous amount.

When I got back from New York, Breck was fiercely undernourished. As he was unable to comprehend any food outside pizza for four straight days, I needed to get some veggies in him STAT. We sat down at a restaurant near our house and as as soon as our waiter greeted us I knew he was going to be the one that got our tip.

We were so giddy and spent the entire meal conspiring on how to do it. We slipped him a 300% tip and HIGH TAILED it out of there. We didn't stop to see his reaction but I'm really hoping it was something like:

24. Buy a freaking dresser. 

Have I mentioned I'm a craigslist guru? I caught this baby for $300. 
Two years of marriage and we finally have a place to put our clothes! 

What else? 

Our First Rangers game:

Laser Tag at Work:

Exploring Dallas:

Visits Home:

And, as always, pizza:

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