Gym Time

Sometimes I go to the gym.

I work out in an all women's gym, and while you THINK that girls would cool it without guys to impress, we still have plenty of girls who put on make-up to work out.

So a normal day. You walk in to so many decisions. Should you take a class?? 
Aerobic Dance always seemed fun!

Hmmmm. Maybe not. Kickboxing?

What about the weight machines? Those have directions right?

Wait. What IS that?

Yeah, better stick with the treadmill. 
Start jogging and plug into that workout mix. 

Sometimes you can have a pleasant run, devoid of distractions. 

Sometimes you've got a "peeker" next to you.  You know the type I'm taking about. You see them glancing over at your speed and insist on going .1 mph faster than you are.

If your a rational person, you ignore it and keep the pace you're comfortable with. If you're me...

Okay we're doing this now? You thought 6mph that was my pace? HA! Let it begin!


That's right b. Treadmill level: WIZARD. 

(Once they leave)

Now you have a few choices on how to finish up. Maybe some weights?

I hear the sauna is a great way to end your workout. But who is going to voluntarily enter an life sized microwave?

Lesssbe honest. Usually after a few miles:

When it's time to go... it's time to go. 


  1. I love your blog! This is hilarious!

  2. HAHAHAHA. Best gif choices!!!! That treadmill genius is amaaaazing.

  3. lol. excellent.

  4. You are the absolute QUEEN of memes.

    1. *gifs.....(clearly i'm not the queen of gifs OR memes)

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