When Breck and I moved into a mortuary 2 years ago, I started this blog as an outlet for what promised to be an interesting year! In just 2 years we've moved 3 more times, had 4 new jobs, 9 more trips, 1 new car, and 99 more blog posts!

This blog has been a great experience for me. THANK YOU for encouraging me to keep writing! Seriously, when someone tells me they like my blog, my whole world lights on fire!

In honor of my HUNDREDTH post, I have a invitation to you all...

I love to doodle.
If you've every sat next to me in class/church/at all, you've probably seen me covering every inch of any scrap of paper I can find. But don't doodle FOR anything, and more often than not, they just end up in the trash. Sad emoticon.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about the people I've met over the years and ways to stay connected with them. You can ask anyone in my family, I am TERRIBLE when if comes to staying in touch!

SO. I would really like to start writing letters. Letters to anyone and everyone I've ever known! I want to send a little love you're way.

However there is a small cost! If I send you a letter, I want one back! I love collecting handwriting, and there is something magical about having something tangible from another person. Plus I have a little project in mind that I'll show you once each of my letters is returned!

***UPDATE: Due to the unexpected amount of interest, be prepared to wait a few months for your letter! ***

So here are the rules:
1. I send you a kick a$$ letter. It will be so awesome you will consider framing it. It will say nice things about you and maybe make you shed a tear, who knows.
2. You will write me back.
     a. Your return letter should be handwritten.
     b. Your return letter should be on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper (printer paper!)
     c. Your return letter should be in black ink.
     d. Please aim to return a letter within a month of receiving mine.

If so, please click on the link below and add your address (secretly)! I am hoping beyond hope to get 16 people to exchange with!

>>> www.postable.com/briellestory <<<<

Other things to consider:
You do not have to have talked to me in the last year to participate.
You do not have to be a girl to participate.
You to not have to be my mother to participate.
If you are feeling slightly sheepish about this whole thing but secretly want to sign up you should definitely participate. 

Please. I'm like a cat, begging you.


  1. Alright, let's try this again! I promise I'll write back!

  2. it wouldn't let me submit my info :(

  3. Brielle! I haven't talked to you since..... 2009 freshmen year? ha! SO long! But I follow your blog and love the creative genius that you are. I'm super intrigued about your project and would LOVE to get a letter! Can I still qualify even though I haven't seen you in possibly 5 years!?!? I submitted my info but maybe you have no idea who I am anymore! I promise I'll write back!

  4. I definitely just signed up! Today was one of those "I'm ready to pull my hair out" kind of mommy days so the thought of a little love from a friend sounds fantastic. Great idea Brielle, thanks for doing this!

  5. Please let me be a part of this even if I'm number 17 or greater. I envy your doodles and always wish I could be talented with a paper and pen like you!