Back in Action

Story of my life right now:

1. We moved to the ghetto. As in I make eye contact with every single person so that if they kidnap me I'll be able to identify them. It's cool though because it's cut off a good 30 minutes of my drive time and the apartment itself is pretty dang cute.

Also, I no longer have the crappiest car in my parking lot. It's the little things.

2. Work is pretty busy but I'm kind of madly in love with it. The company has a grand total of six employees and I'm the only girl, so each of us has a huge say in what the culture is like.

Perks include

Dart Wars:

Maple Monday's:

Thai/Tie Tuesday's:

Walt Wednesday's in which we, you guessed it, eat popcorn and watch Disney movies.

Oh and I'm going to Chicago this week for a conference full of people from Google, Pixar, Disney etc. AND they are letting Breck come too. What? Yes.

We do get work done! And they encourage side projects like these going away gifts I made for our awesome interns.
(It's paradise! And we are hiring if anyone is interested!)

3. We road tripped to Arkansas to visit Breck's fam.

This conversation happened at church:

Breck's friend: So when are you moving back to Arkansas???


No offense Arkansas. But there isn't an Anthro in the entire state. Where would I get my whimsical dishes? WHERE? 

4. I have literally watched 3 seasons of Parks and Recreation in the past week. 

As a result I'm having an odd affinity for breakfast food. 

And a little wary of library's 

Wonder why. 

Mkay! Bye!


  1. Parks and Rec is sooo good! Your job looks too good to be true!

  2. Girl! This is wonderful :)
    Also, where do you work? I'm intrigued...

    1. I work at Think Stripes! We are in the middle of a company rebrand, but you can check our (soon to be old) website at http://www.thinkstripes.com/

      Essentially, we love brand's stories seek to share them with everyone. There's no product. Just people!

  3. where do you work and what is your new address?

  4. Are you talking about an Anthropologie store? If so we just got one in Little Rock!