You seriously won't even believe my luck lately. It's like all the bad luck I've avoided in the last 20 years decided to all show up on the same week. The. Same. Week.

First. We are moving. We notified our apartment complex we were moving 30 days beforehand. We were supposed to do it 60 days before. Oops now we have to pay an additional $950 to move out.

Next, we get pulled over for not having our state inspection sticker. Buh bye $150!

Then, my car starts misbehaving. I go in for a tire rotation but whoopsi daisy, I need all new tires. See ya later $250!

Oh and then my phone dies? Not even dropped and it just won't turn back on? Okay that makes total sense. Love it! Take my money!

Later, Breck's truck won't start. SURE. WHY NOT! Peace out $200! DON'T EVEN CARE.

Oh but then I get a letter from the IRS? What could this be? I owe $750 from 2011???? I don't think I even made $750 in 2011! SIT DOWN IRS. SIIIITTTTT DOOOOWWWWWWNNNN.

Me if one more bad thing happens*

The end.

*Dramatization. We's all good.

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