And... it looks like we haven't stepped out into the sun since 2011. 

This past week was incredible. Breck and I traveled to Chicago with a few of my coworkers to attend the Story Conference. Breck was very excited to have an entire conference named after him. 
We crammed in A LOT in 5 days (left with 100 pictures on my phone, came back with 800) but pinky promise I'll keep it brief! 

Day 1
What is it about being in a plane that makes you feel so alive? The eminent threat of engine failure followed by a plummet to your death? Yes.

Day 2

Travel Trip: If you go to Chicago, head to Walgreens and ask for a 7 day CTA pass. It's only $28 dollars and the buses and L can take you anywhere your heart desires!

OMG. Top left. Where is Ursula???

This tiger was such a cheeser. 

What does the fox say?

I don't know. But I love it.

The Story Conference started on day 2! We were in a dark cathedral with lightening flashing through the stained glass windows... when the ceiling came alive! They had an awesome projector show to kick of the night, totally made me feel like I was in the great hall at Hogwarts!

We finished off the day by watching Blood Brother, a.k.a. the best, most haunting documentary I've ever seen:

It's screening across America so look it up. Everyone should see this movie. 

Day 3

9 AM Paper Route concert? Why not.

Followed by this Austrailian beat boxer? That makes total sense. (You should watch this!!! All of it!)

One of my favorite presenters from that day was Chuck Anderson. He inspired me to start doing something I love everyday. If you follow me on Instagram you might of noticed that I've been posting a daily doodle. That will switch to my blog (tab at the top) so that I don't overflow Instagram feeds! Any requests are welcome. If you have a quote you want done just comment on the page and I'd be happy to do it! 

Each piece of this pizza is like 5 pizza's stacked on top of each other. Breck (who can eat a large pizza by himself) could barely get through 2 pieces! Oh and my old internship building! 

One of my favorite places in the city.

Finding bits of home at The Chicago Tribune Building.

We went and saw The Book of Mormon Musical! For my thoughts on that click here.

Day 4

My favorite speaker of this day was Alex Chen, the director of Google Creative labs. He's the guy who created the Google Guitar.  He is a genius. I don't even get ow his brain works. Here's another one of his personal projects that turns the New York subway system into a tune.

Skyhigh selfie.  Breck was at the Braves v. Cubs game so I went exploring on my lonesome.

Travel Trip: I recommend the CityPass if you head to Chicago. You get all the tickets to the biggest attractions, save a bunch of money, and get to skip all the lines! Hallelujah!

Fancy work dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse. Vanilla soaked apricots? Nectar of the gods. 

Oh just my boss and my husband trying to change a strangers tire in the middle of the city. Two hours later... she still had a flat tire and we were sprinting through Union Station to get the last train! We made it... with one minute to spare!

Day 5

Portillo's is a MUST if you go to Chicago. Don't ask how many calories are in the cake shake. Just get it. 

And Sprinkles. German Chocolate is my favorite!

Can you even believe this view?

Didn't know about my fear of heights until this moment. But it really kicked in when the 300 pound man stepped on next to me. 

Can you even imagine a more perfect team to pick you up?? Thanks Callie, Hannah, and MS. Charlie!

Miss this place already! If your ever planning a trip to Chicago, let me know!


  1. Oh my goodness I miss Chicago and a story conference?! So cool.

  2. This post is so cool. Thanks for sharing the tips, I've always wanted to go to Chicago. Also, laughed out loud when I read your "what does a fox say?" comment. i have a love/hate relationship with that song. you and breck are so cute! loved this post.

  3. I don't have a quote that I want done, but I would LOVE it if you would write/ draw/ doodle our names (Jordan, Corina, and Reagan) in some cool way, so I could blow it up, print it, and hang it on our wall. I also would love it if you would do a tutorial on how you get your hair to look perfect, specifically the big curls.